Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

We decided to go out to an Italian restaurant which is the boys’ favorite food. Jason ordered a pasta special, the boys had their penne in butter, and I had a gnocchi dish. Kiefer and Jason went off to the little boys’ room while Cameron and I stayed back to wait for our food to come. Our food did arrive before Jason and Kiefer came back so I helped Cameron get prepared and started to chow down on my dinner.


Me: Cameron, how’s your penne?

Cameron: It’s yummy! I like it!

Me: Don’t touch Daddy’s food (Cameron was reaching over to taste a little bit of Daddy’s food). *Daddy arrived with Kiefer and we all start eating.

Me: Cameron, would you like a taste of my gnocchi?

Cameron: No, I don’t want any of your yucky!

Me: Nooooo! Not yucky! Nocky, it’s pronounced nocky. Hahaha

Cameron: Oh! Ok, I’ll have some gnocchi.


He did like it, by the way! Kiefer had a taste, but didn’t want any more. I don’t think he didn’t like it, but he just wanted to stick to his penne.

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