Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

We just picked the boys up from preschool, and we got to hear some of the things they did from the teachers and wanted to talk to them about how good they were. Cameron napped for 2 hours which was great! Kiefer napped too, but when asked by his daddy this was the conversation that followed….


Jason: So Kiefer, how was your nap?

Kiefer: I put my penis in my pants!

Jason: You put your penis in your pants?

Kiefer: Yes, cause I took it out of my pants!

Jason: Why did you take your penis out of your pants?

Kiefer: Because I was napping.


Funny conversation, but it’s not the first. Later in the day when we were getting the boys dressed for bedtime, more funny conversation continued….


Kiefer: Look! My penis!

Jason: Why did you take your penis out of your pants, Kiefer?

Kiefer: I love penis!

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