It’s been too long…

Talk about a HUGE break! Sorry about that. BIG breaks are BIG as implied. It’s been too long. My husband wanted to delete this blog site, but I just couldn’t do it!

So, here goes. My boys are 3-1/2. They’ll be 4 in June. Gosh…the time flew! I mean REALLY flew! I’ve been using the alias TheyGrowLikeWeeds for a reason! Though, I wouldn’t use a weed killer on these weeds. They are too cute! …and way too useful as they grow up. This house could use a couple of extra hands for chores. Ok, seriously though, these boys are incredible! They were in preschool since they were 2 years old. That went well. No really, it did! Until they started to hate each other and Kiefer wanted to rip Cameron’s head off! Poor Cameron loves his brother, but his wanting everything Kiefer was getting on Kiefer’s nerves. I think I would feel the same way. They’d fight over everything in class from toys, space, and chores, to friends. Yes, they’ve fought over friends. Poor Bobby (name changed for privacy) just wanted to be friends with both boys, but they wanted him all to themselves.

So, time to look for another school. They had a very close friend that left months earlier to a new school. This school had two separate classes per age group. PERFECT! Exactly what I needed! Kiefer was doing well in the first preschool, but I wasn’t about to go busing around the boys to two separate schools in opposite directions from my house! So the compromise was, Kiefer gets to be in the friend’s class from their previous school, and Cameron gets to be in a separate and smaller class with all new kids. It’s working perfectly! No more fighting. MUCH less hitting at home, and they both REALLY love their new school! Kiefer still worries that they will be going back to their old school and will ask me almost every school morning. I oblige his questions because I love his face every time he realizes that he is going to his new school and Cameron will be in a different class. Don’t get me wrong, Kiefer loves his brother. He just wants his head on a platter every time Cameron wants what he has. Now he has his own classroom with his own friends and his own space with his own teacher and his own class projects he does not need to share with Cameron. Cameron loves that he has his own things too. He actually naps in school now! Kiefer naps, but lately he just tells us he takes his penis out of his pants and puts it back in during naptime. Not sure where this penis obsession came from, but hey, he’s a little boy with interesting appendages sticking out of his body that do different and interesting things. I’ll just ignore it for now. It just gets a little irritating when he sticks it in my face with the proudest expression and tells me he’s going to pee on me. Thankfully, he never does. BOYS! Kiefer may be a little weird, but he’s MY weird boy! I can’t be a prouder mother of his other accomplishments.

Cameron has become a more confident boy since we changed to the new school. He makes art projects and uses the computer at school. The school has a touch screen computer projected on a screen hanging from the wall. It’s pretty neat! Cameron was proud of himself the other day for drawing pictures on the tech wall using this computer screen. My guess is the teachers didn’t find it so amazing since they never sent me the file of his drawing, but he was proud of it so that was enough for me. Gosh his face glows we he tells me what he does in class. It makes me feel really good about my decision to move them to a new school.

They’ve taken a few swim classes. They are still in level one after about three classes, but they’ve made strides! Kiefer recently fell in the pool when he was about to jump in. He’s jumped in fine many times, but never fell in. Now he’s afraid to jump in. So it’s a step back, he’ll get his confidence back! He told me he’ll jump in for his teacher, but not me. Hey, though he’s not exactly trying hard to over come that fear, the fact that he’ll jump in for someone is good enough for me. We just swam together today after his daytime nap. He only wanted me to hold him at first, but then he wanted to teach me how to kick, dip my face in the water, and dunk my entire head under the water. He did it too! He told me how proud he was of me and what a good job I did for following his instructions. What a good teacher he is! Tomorrow I get to swim with Cameron for the first time after his last class. He LOVES to jump in and has not fallen in. He likes to do everything on his own. We’ll see just how many times he makes me catch his jumps. Last time I swam with him, he took up maybe about 15 minutes at least of just jumping in! I hope this time he wants to actually swim with me.

Well, time to sign off. I SOO hope I don’t make y’all wait too long for my next blog entry! Teehee, y’all, I’m such a southerner!

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  1. Well, it turns out, Cameron and I did not go swimming. He was in a bit of a mood and there was no way I was going to go with him as a grump. So, did we go the following week? Nope! He was sick and and I wasn’t feeling all that hot either. Then every time we’ve had a weekend, there’s been something going on. Sigh, we’ll get our chance! Only today have I started to feel better. Maybe next weekend we’ll get a chance to go swimming together. I hope we go soon!

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