Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

Lately, the boys have been getting up before I’ve finished my morning shower, but this morning, Cameron got up before Kiefer who was still sleeping even after I finished my shower. Cameron was walking around so proud of himself. This is what he had to tell me.


Cameron: I farted this morning. I had a lot of farts this morning!

Me: That’s wonderful, Cameron.

Cameron: I’m still farting! I’m so gassy! I’m a gassy boy today!


Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

At lunch, we decided to go to a wings place near by. We were near a tanning salon outside the restaurant and Cameron asked me a question…


Cameron: What’s in those doors?

Me: We don’t go in there.

Cameron: What are they for?

Me: People go in there to bake themselves.

Passer-by: *snicker/chuckle*

Me: Like I said, we don’t go in there.

Cameron: Oh OK.


Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

Today we had dinner in a wings restaurant. Cameron was having wings with bones included for the first time. Kiefer already had tried out chicken wings before and did a great job. Cameron did a good job too, and liked the taste of the chicken wings, but was a bit unsure of eating the chicken near the bones. He apparently had his own ideas of how to make chicken wings.


Cameron: When I get older, I want to be a lunch maker. I’ll make food and serve it from the kitchen.

Jason: A lunch maker, eh?

Cameron: …and I’m going to make wings that you can eat the bones.


Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

Tonight, while getting ready for bath, the boys got themselves undressed (with some help from me) and started to play around showing off their “junk” and whatnot. Kiefer got on the floor and tried to hide his penis between his legs.

Kiefer: Look! I’m hiding my penis!
Me: oh really? Where is it?
Kiefer: It’s not here! (pointing down towards his boy bits)
Kiefer then spread his legs letting his now mostly erect penis bounce up and proudly sang Pop Goes the Weasel!

BOYS! *facepalm*


Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

The boys were getting ready for bed, and we were hanging out in Cameron’s room. Kiefer decided he wanted me to hold him like a baby and sing a few songs for him over Cameron’s bed.


Kiefer: Sing Rock-a-bye.

Me: Proceeds to sing him Rock-a-Bye, Baby

Kiefer: You know that lullaby song?

Me: Knowing what he’s talking about, proceeds to sing him All the Pretty Little Horses.

Kiefer: You know that song that ends with something like Daddy’s going to hit you or something?

Me: Daddy’s gonna hit you? Oh, umm… figuring it out, I proceed to sing him Hush Little Baby. But, by verse 3, I’m laughing too hard I can’t finish, so Kiefer tries to finish singing for me…

Kiefer: Daddy’s going to buy me a shopping cart…

Me: A shopping cart? Laughing even harder by this time, I can barely breathe.

Kiefer: Start over!


It took me about 5 tries before I could barely make it through the entire song. Kiefer also had a hard time keeping a straight face which made it even harder for me to be able to finish the song.


My Little Athletes

So my boys are not even 4 yet and we discover that they have a talent for throwing and hitting soft balls. OK, probably not that special, but for parents that don’t know when kids are ready for this stuff, it’s an awesome realization!


Yesterday, they boys enjoyed their day having an Easter egg hunt with their aunt. The Easter bunny had apparently visited their auntie and dropped some cool stuff in her back yard. They got a chocolate bunny each, I didn’t even count how many eggs they found, and they found a rubix cube and a whiffle ball and bat set each. OOO what fun! They also colored some eggs and enjoyed some mac and cheese with string beans. I can’t say Kiefer was thrilled with the food, but he also has been getting over a cold, so his appetite has been spotty at most. After lunch, they were going to get back in the car to head home for a nap. But, they were not having that! Time to play with their new bat and ball set! So outside, their auntie and daddy threw a ball to them and each got a chance to hit the ball back. They have never done this before, so it was fascinating to see Cameron hit the ball a few times. Kiefer has thrown balls before, but it was nice to see how well he can throw the ball and aim. Read more


Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

The boys like looking at the interactive weather map on the computer. Ever since I showed them where a thunderstorm was, they found the weather map to be fun to look at…also to make sure no thunderstorms are nearby. I switched the view to satellite view so they can see how the earth really looks like and not like a flat drawing of roads and other lines. Cameron was definitely interested. Here’s the convo…


Me: There are no storms nearby us.

Cameron (pointing to some dark green areas): What’s that?

Me: those are mountains.

*I zoom out so he can see how many mountains are on the US continent

Me: Here are the mountains that are near us and these are the Rocky Mountains. See how many mountains we have?

Cameron: We live on a very bumpy planet.