My Little Athletes

So my boys are not even 4 yet and we discover that they have a talent for throwing and hitting soft balls. OK, probably not that special, but for parents that don’t know when kids are ready for this stuff, it’s an awesome realization!


Yesterday, they boys enjoyed their day having an Easter egg hunt with their aunt. The Easter bunny had apparently visited their auntie and dropped some cool stuff in her back yard. They got a chocolate bunny each, I didn’t even count how many eggs they found, and they found a rubix cube and a whiffle ball and bat set each. OOO what fun! They also colored some eggs and enjoyed some mac and cheese with string beans. I can’t say Kiefer was thrilled with the food, but he also has been getting over a cold, so his appetite has been spotty at most. After lunch, they were going to get back in the car to head home for a nap. But, they were not having that! Time to play with their new bat and ball set! So outside, their auntie and daddy threw a ball to them and each got a chance to hit the ball back. They have never done this before, so it was fascinating to see Cameron hit the ball a few times. Kiefer has thrown balls before, but it was nice to see how well he can throw the ball and aim.

So, finally we got home and with some normal resistance, they took their nap. After their nap, not to my surprise, they wanted to go out and play with their bats some more. I threw Cameron the ball and just a little less than half the time, he hit the ball. Sometimes, he even hit the ball way past my head! I was impressed!! Kiefer had a little trouble holding the bat and hitting the ball. He’d hit sometimes, but he was having trouble. But, give him the ball and he’d toss that ball far! now if only he could gain more control of the ball, he could throw Cameron the ball and he could hit it. What fun that would be!!!


Then after that it was off to play with their light sabers and the desire to walk around the neighborhood. Of course, Kiefer saw someone watering their yard, and he wanted to go home to water our yard too. I don’t know where our new hose head is, but I was not about to drag our hose to the front of the house so Kiefer can attempt to water the yard and then make me do it. The yard didn’t need watering yet. He was disappointed to say the least, but it was nice he was willing to do a chore like watering the yard. I shall use this to my advantage if he seems up for the job later!


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