Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

The boys were getting ready for bed, and we were hanging out in Cameron’s room. Kiefer decided he wanted me to hold him like a baby and sing a few songs for him over Cameron’s bed.


Kiefer: Sing Rock-a-bye.

Me: Proceeds to sing him Rock-a-Bye, Baby

Kiefer: You know that lullaby song?

Me: Knowing what he’s talking about, proceeds to sing him All the Pretty Little Horses.

Kiefer: You know that song that ends with something like Daddy’s going to hit you or something?

Me: Daddy’s gonna hit you? Oh, umm… figuring it out, I proceed to sing him Hush Little Baby. But, by verse 3, I’m laughing too hard I can’t finish, so Kiefer tries to finish singing for me…

Kiefer: Daddy’s going to buy me a shopping cart…

Me: A shopping cart? Laughing even harder by this time, I can barely breathe.

Kiefer: Start over!


It took me about 5 tries before I could barely make it through the entire song. Kiefer also had a hard time keeping a straight face which made it even harder for me to be able to finish the song.

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