He finally asked the dreaded question

So today in the car, Cameron started mentioning our dogs are above the clouds in heaven. OK, he’s said this before, and I know they still really miss the dogs. Then it goes on….


Cameron: The planes can’t go above the clouds because heaven is there.

Jason: Heaven is higher than that. Airplanes can’t reach heaven by flying above the clouds

Cameron: Sparky and Skye are way up in heaven where airplanes don’t fly.

Me: Yep, so no worries. Sparky and Skye will not need to worry about planes. They are too far up.

Kiefer: Daddy, how do you get to heaven?

Jason (suddenly looking a little pale) looks at me and says: Oh no, there’s the question. I don’t know how to answer this.

Me (just as Kiefer started to ask the question again): Sparky and Skye were very old dogs. Bodies don’t last forever. Their bodies stopped working and their souls/spirits went on to heaven which is way way above the clouds. Eventually our bodies are going to get too old and our souls/spirits will go to heaven too.

Kiefer: So we’ll be able to see Sparky and Skye when we go to heaven?

Me: Yes, when it’s our time to go, but that won’t be for a very long time. When we get old and our bodies stop working, then it’ll be time. We can see them then.

Cameron: I can see Sparky! I can see Skye! But, only when it’s time.


Both boys continued on and on about how we all go to heaven when we get very old and how the dogs are up there waiting for us. Cameron seemed a little concerned about the dogs and how they are waiting for us, so I added and confirmed how they are in a place where they have all the friends and toys and food and places to run around in that they could want. They are in a very special place some people call Rainbow Bridge where they are happy as they wait to see their family again. When it’s our time to go, we’ll see them again. It’s not our time yet. We have a long way to go before it’s our time to go to heaven. The dogs will be happy as they wait for us.


Cameron and Kiefer seemed quite satisfied to hear that the dogs were in a good place, they won’t get hit by airplanes, and that they are waiting to see us when it’s our time to go. The car ride did go on as they both discussed their new knowledge on the matter of where heaven is and where the dogs are. I felt happy with myself on how I handled that because talking about heaven and being asked how to get there means talking about death. They’ve never really asked about it….they just accepted that there’s a place called heaven and that our dogs went there to live instead of here at home. They also for a while believed heaven is either on the roof of our house or just above the clouds. It was always a bit amusing to hear them talking about the dogs needing to stay dry when it rained or that we need to make a window in the roof so they can see us better or to make sure there are no holes in the roof so they don’t fall in. Eventually they moved heaven to above the clouds permanently, so we no longer had to worry about the health of our roof anymore.

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