Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

My mother was in town for Mother’s Day. She wanted to go to church with the boys. Well, why not? I doubt they’ll make it through the entire mass, but why not give it a try? They did well at first. They were very interested in the various reading material placed in front of them behind the bench. There was info on a charity the church is involved in, some money envelopes and a hymnal in a plastic binding for protection. They boys were otherwise, interested in what was going on. There was a funny moment, however, worth mentioning…


Both boys were reading the hymnals and looking through the pages. The congregation (including their Grandma and myself) stood up for the next song…


Kiefer (being a little bossy but confident about knowing what he’s expected to do next): Cameron! Hurry up! Put down the book and get up!
Cameron (still sitting and focused on the hymnal pages replied very firmly): I’m trying to learn the words!


I almost couldn’t contain myself. TOO funny!

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