Gosh, they are growing up!

I can’t believe it! Some of the things they are doing lately have been shocking me. First off, they are doing so well with their swimming. My aunt has been swimming with us for the past 2 weeks and already they are making GREAT improvements with their swimming. Now, I know they are ready for swimming, but I just wish I could get them to focus in their swimming classes. Too many kids around, but I still think they need the lessons. At the same time, my aunt is doing a great job teaching them, and they really respond to her. Now, if only I didn’t have this ear infection, we’d be swimming again this weekend. I really am so bummed about that. FINALLY some great cool weather and I’m stuck home sick. ANYHOO, we have Cameron kicking with little to no support while he holds the floating barbell. Kiefer still needs his floaty and a noodle, but he at least was kicking with straight knees for a little bit. During that time, he actually caught up to me swimming. Of course, I wasn’t moving that fast, but still very impressive considering before that, he was moving at a snail’s pace. He looked so proud of himself too! Read more