Gosh, they are growing up!

I can’t believe it! Some of the things they are doing lately have been shocking me. First off, they are doing so well with their swimming. My aunt has been swimming with us for the past 2 weeks and already they are making GREAT improvements with their swimming. Now, I know they are ready for swimming, but I just wish I could get them to focus in their swimming classes. Too many kids around, but I still think they need the lessons. At the same time, my aunt is doing a great job teaching them, and they really respond to her. Now, if only I didn’t have this ear infection, we’d be swimming again this weekend. I really am so bummed about that. FINALLY some great cool weather and I’m stuck home sick. ANYHOO, we have Cameron kicking with little to no support while he holds the floating barbell. Kiefer still needs his floaty and a noodle, but he at least was kicking with straight knees for a little bit. During that time, he actually caught up to me swimming. Of course, I wasn’t moving that fast, but still very impressive considering before that, he was moving at a snail’s pace. He looked so proud of himself too!

Now all we have to really work on is getting them on their backs and for Kiefer to jump in the water. Cameron is like a kamikaze when it comes to jumping. If I get too close to him, he’ll jump on my head. I have to be at least 3 feet away from the pool wall if I don’t want him landing on me. He’s going to be a great diver if he wants to continue swimming. He wants to swim on his own so badly. I actually had to argue with Cameron that he still needs help to stay above the water. He’s definitely driven to swim. It’s just those classes!!! He doesn’t want to listen as much to me because I’m mom. It’s going to be a bit of a challenge for me to get him to swim. He’ll listen to his aunt though, so at least I can count a bit on her to help push them to swim.  I think I’m going to call to get another swim class in the schedule. These swimming lessons have proven to be a bit of a challenge, however, these boys need a sport, and I think swimming is both fun and important to know how to do. I’m sticking with these lessons until they learn either way.

They recently went to their 4 year old check up. WOW they are getting big! Kiefer is now 41-1/2″ tall and about 40lbs. That puts him at about 70% for height and 80% for weight. Cameron is 40-1/2″ tall and 37.5lbs. That puts him at 50% height and about 63% for weight. Not bad! I still find it funny how Cameron just looks more of a hefty kid while Kiefer is tall and lean. Cameron is smaller than Kiefer. TO me, that means that Cameron likely has smaller bones than Kiefer and wears his weight differently. He always has though. He grew up growing parts of him at different rates. His cheeks before the rest of this face, his feet before the rest of this body. Kiefer was always proportional with everything growing at the same time. Yet, somehow, Kiefer’s face made the biggest change from baby to little boy. Cameron always kept his baby face. Moving on! Their doctor is super cool. He seems to be so amused by watching these boys poke around at his notebook. He has even assured us parents not to worry if they poke a hole in the wall because of what they are made of. They are cheap to fix. He doesn’t care if they pick up a pen and write all over the place. He feels it’s nothing that can’t be cleaned later. He even seems to get annoyed at us parents when I tell the boys to stop messing around. He likes to observe them. From that, he can tell where they are mentally. He told us during their visit he was impressed. They are very smart and are in perfect health. They are curious and don’t seem to have any social problems. Shyness around him is not a problem. Their eyes and ears are great and their speech is where it needs to be. I’m a happy mom!

I have been rather impressed with the things they’ve been doing. Yes, the swimming is very impressive to me. I am so proud when I hear their teachers tell me that considering their age, they are very bright! But, this morning was a big step for me. Normally when Cameron has a pee accident in bed, he wakes up crying with what I believe to be tears of embarrassment and frustration. This time, around 5:45am to 6am, I heard some chatting in his room. It was VERY quiet. I didn’t think much of it as it was very quiet and I figured he’d just go back to sleep. It had woken me up, but that’s because I’m so in tuned with those monitors, a pin can drop on the carpet and I’d hear it. Finally, I heard a slightly elevated voice, so I decided to get up and see what was going on. Kiefer’s monitor showed he was not in his room and it was Cameron’s room that had the chat. I go over to the bedrooms and I saw Kiefer leave the room. I point him back to his room with a slightly firm voice telling him it’s too early to get up. He needs to get back in his bed. I’m thinking he woke up Cameron at this point. I’m not angry, but I am a little frustrated because it was a bit too early for both of them to be up. Kiefer was understandably upset and cried a little. Frustrated, he laid down. I then went in to Cameron’s room to find him sitting up in his bed. He said to me so sweetly, “I peed a little in my pants.” I immediately started to feel around his private area over his pants. Feeling nothing, I realized those weren’t the pants he went to bed in. I asked him where’d these pants came from. He told me with such pride in his voice, “I know how to change my own pants and underwear!” I was speechless! WOW! My little boy is becoming a young man! He changed his own pants and underwear. I realized that Kiefer was just helping him. Cameron woke Kiefer up! I told Cameron how good he was and tucked him back in to bed. Kissed him goodnight and went back in to Kiefer’s room. I told Kiefer that Cameron just told me what happened and that I was so proud of him for being such a good brother he is for helping Cameron with his situation. He just gave my hand a squeeze and gave little smile. I’m glad I came back to tell him. I felt back about my original assumption. He ended up sleeping until about 9am. Cameron got up around 8am.

Just now, Kiefer impressed me during snack time. First we had a little conversation about how grapes become raisins. He loves grapes and he loves raisins. He was surprised! I then told him I was getting some water. I started to get some water from the refrigerator door, and he asked me where did the water come from. Curious little boy as he is, that was no surprise he wanted to know. I told him it came from the same place the faucet gets the water. That was such a lazy answer from me, but I wasn’t really up for the entire explanation. So he thought about it for a few seconds and came back to me with, “The water comes from outside and comes through the walls, under the house, up the wall, and behind the refrigerator, and out the [refrigerator] door!” I literally stood there for a few seconds with my jaw on the floor totally shocked. Where on earth did he come up with that!!!??? So I just responded with a delighted, “Yes! That’s right! Our water does come from outside and through the house like you said. It actually comes in through our garage! Good boy!!” I’m still a bit surprised. What a smartypants! I don’t know if they talk about that kind of thing in school or not, but he really thought about it and came up with quite an impressive answer. I wonder if he knows the path of the blood through the heart? OK, probably not, but you never know with this kid!

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