Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

Today on our way home from picking the boys up from preschool, there was a cloud in the sky. I pointed out that it was raining under it.


Me: Oh look, it’s raining over there.

Kiefer: It’s raining?

Jason: Mommy sees a cloud but she can’t see the actual rain.

Me: Sure I can. I can see where the rain is coming out of the clouds and hitting the ground.

Jason: You can’t see the drops, but you can see where it would be raining under the clouds.

Kiefer: Where is it raining?

Cameron: Mommy can see the rain under the cloud? Where is it?

Jason: You can’t actually see the rain itself!

Me: Well, not the actual droplets. The visible rain. The rain bands under the clouds. You can see sky, then rain, then sky. It’s not visible now because it’s behind the trees, but I saw the rain.

Jason: You can’t see it!

Cameron: You can’t see the visible rain, like the gummybears in my pants.


Total stun from us followed by an outburst of laughter. What a character!

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  1. So now the boys ask ME if it’s raining out if they can’t see it themselves. I’ve gotten a few, “Mommy, is that cloud raining under it?” So, now I’m the weatherman.

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