Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

Tonight, the boys were not on their best behavior. At one point, they were playing with a jump rope. Things were going ok, They each wanted a chance to either swing the rope or jump over it. It was Kiefer’s turn to jump and and Cameron and I were going to hold each end. Kiefer was not pleased with how things were being swung so he held the rope. Cameron was getting upset with Kiefer because he wanted to continue the game, but Kiefer was not letting go of the rope. Cameron was being a bit forward and got in to Kiefer’s face. Kiefer pushed Cameron away. I sent Kiefer to time-out for pushing, and I explained to Cameron he’s going to have to apologize to Kiefer for getting too close to him. Cameron threw a mean face and attitude at me forcing himself in to a time-out. Kiefer was well-behaved in his time-out being silent and calm for his few minutes. Cameron was being loud tossing himself at the door, screaming about his feelings and what he wants me to do now, etc. Eventually Cameron got let out and he wandered in to the play area where Kiefer and his daddy were playing. He owed Kiefer an apology. I had to remind him.


Me: You need to talk to Kiefer. You need to apologize to him for invading his space.

Cameron goes to Kiefer and says to him: Kiefer, I’m sorry for being your face.



Just so you know, Kiefer did apologize to Cameron for pushing him.

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