I’m so proud of them!

Before last night, Cameron and Kiefer were afraid of taking showers. They didn’t like the water on their heads. They were fine with me pouring water over their heads to rinse off the shampoo in the bath, but something about the shower was scary to them. They KIND of took a shower or two when cleaning off after swimming at the pool, but they were still a bit freaked out. It was a start at least, but I did not see any hope of them taking a shower at home any time soon.


Last night, I was starting their bath. They requested a bubble bath as usual. I got it prepared and Cameron came in. Kiefer was literally half way in the tub when he stopped himself and looked at me.

Kiefer: Can I take a shower?

Me: A shower? Here? Now?

Kiefer: Yeah, can I? Peeze?

Me: You want to take a shower in my shower tonight? Are you sure?

Kiefer: Yes PEEEZE?



To my surprise, Cameron wanted to do it too. I don’t like wasting a perfectly good bath, but if they are going to request a shower, it’s worth losing the bath. Next concern is how am I going to squeeze the two boys in to a shower. I am going to need to be in there because my shower has little room and I can’t wash them through the door without getting water all over the floor. I decided to put on my bathing suit or their heads are going to be up against my girly parts and that was just NOT going to happen. EWW! *shake off the thought NOW* (shiver). ANYHOO! I’d have done one boy at a time, but I Cameron was not about to wait his turn and neither would Kiefer without getting in to something. So, I squeezed us all in. Kiefer was a little weirded out with the shower at first, but he decided to face it and stand under the falling water. Cameron was a little less interested, but he was trying to deal with it. I put their shampoo on. I had forgotten to remind them to keep their eyes shut, so of course, Cameron opens his eyes with all the soap coming down on his face. YIKES! He was NOT happy. He kept crying he’s afraid of the shower and wanted the bath instead. He wanted OUT of the shower NOW!! I had to rinse off the soap and shampoo as fast as I could and I let him out. I told him he could hang out in the bathroom while I finished washing Kiefer. Then he wanted back in. Instead of telling me, He just opened the door. WATER MESS! OK not that bad I got him back in quickly. At least he wanted to try to deal with the water. I put conditioner in his hair and Kiefer’s hair. Then Cameron started to get upset and wanted out again. I told him he needs to let me get the conditioner out first. He said he just needed to go to the bathroom. OK Ok, that is better! He was still a bit teary-eyed, but he went to the toilet and actually came back to the shower, again opening the door without warning me so water came out of the shower. Meanwhile, Kiefer is having a blast. He wanted to stay longer in the shower. I now have them both cleaned and Kiefer refuses to leave the shower. I figured, to extend their fun, I’ll wash my hair too. I even let them rub it in my hair a bit. Now I’m done and want out. Kiefer is begging for another shower!


This morning was good. Actually, Kiefer surprised me by telling me first thing in the morning after letting his sleepy face wear off that he wants another shower tonight. I, of course will not deny him another shower if he wants one. Cameron chimes in.


Kiefer: I want a shower tonight. Peeze mommy?

Me: Of course Kiefer. If that’s what you want.

Cameron: I want a shower too!

Kiefer: But you are a little afraid of the shower.

Cameron: Only because I had to go to the bathroom.

Kiefer: OH Ok!


I’m still a bit surprised they have changed their minds over night how they feel about showers. This does mean I’m going to have to have a bathing suit available to me every night!

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