School Evaluations

Cameron and Kiefer have been at this new preschool since the end of February 2012. It’s been great! I love the teachers there and the boys have really been thriving! Their pre-kindergarten teachers now are SOO different by the way they approach their class lessons.


Kiefer was doing great in class…or so I was told MANY times. Now, I get it. I get that what he’s displaying in class is normal behavior and the teachers don’t see it as a problem. I thought he was behaving differently in class than he was at home. I couldn’t understand it. He’s bossy, argumentative, stubborn, and demanding at home (most of the time). I was under the impression he was a perfect little angel at school. Both teachers told me he was great! Now I get this class evaluation from the teachers and I’m seeing that he’s not the perfect little angel the teachers made him out to be. Now he’s perfect to me… don’t get me wrong, but his behavior has to change. He’s a 4-1/2 year old, it’s normal, and it will pass. I’m not sending him to therapy for this, but I could use some pointers on how to work with him. I have the parent teacher conferences starting Monday and I plan on asking about that then. Meanwhile, I have been noticing he’s still having trouble with certain words and letter combinations. I didn’t think much of it and neither did the teachers because they and the class can understand what he’s saying, but the school was offering free screenings. Turns out, he is having trouble with words and letters that should have been naturally corrected by 4 years old. and he’ll need intervention in order to correct them now or it may not go away on it’s own.


Cameron’s teachers have been very straight forward with how Cameron is behaving in class. They adore him when he’s in a good listening mood. However, more recently, he’s starting with his behavior problems that had shown up in his last school that landed him in occupational therapy. He’s been hitting the teachers (not all the time, but still…). He’s been picking fights with friends (it’s happened a couple of time, once an all out wrestling match in the hallway). But, his worst issue is the inability to calm down. He’s either all over the place happy or mad. He doesn’t throw major tantrums, but he does goes in to his own world and you can’t get him out of it. During these kind of days or moments, the smallest little thing can set him off. Things that most kids this age would just brush off and move on with their day. He’s also been showing a huge sensitivity to warm water and acting like it’s burning his fingers when he touches them. He thinks there’s string on his food and will refuse to eat. He LOVES to eat! He’s still not a picky eater, but during these moods, he’ll just whine and whine about what he thinks he sees and nothing will console him. He can be a drama king during these situations. Both me and the teachers feel he’s a highly sensitive boy and does need help in that area, but he’s great with his motor skills and comprehension which an occupational therapist might be concerned with too. He’s very sociable and the kids in class get a long with him very well. He just overreacts to little things. He definitely needs the extra help because it does get in the way of his learning and disrupts the class.


Cameron and Kiefer have been through both speech and occupational therapy. Now we have to do this again! I thought I was over it. Well, I’m actually not complaining, I was just hoping we were done with it. It’s obvious we aren’t. So, now Kiefer is set up for more speech therapy in January. To me this is not a big deal, but it has to be done…my decision. Cameron, to me needs the extra help because this little thing he’s going through can interrupt his ability to learn and can lead to worse problems later. Both boys are so smart and I just don’t want anything holding them back!

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