Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

Tonight, Cameron and I were playing with the magna-tiles they got for Christmas. Kiefer was playing with the Lego police station Daddy and I just built for them. Cameron wanted one of the tiles I was using and I started to tease him. He got a little frustrated, but he played along.


Me: I was just teasing you.

Cameron: That’s ok, I’m not sick or anything.


*palm to face* Oh my! How random! That got me laughing out loud for sure!



Later on, Kiefer was talking to Cameron and Cameron started to get a little silly as he was now playing with one of the Lego cars we built.


Kiefer: You are being funny, Cameron.

Me (enjoying the funny chatter Cameron was making): That’s right, you are being quite silly, Cameron.

Cameron: That’s because I have a lot of sillies in me.


Once again, Cameron had me crackin’ up tonight.

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