Read Me a Story!

Every night during their bedtime routines, Cameron and Kiefer have been reading The Magic Tree House books with Jack and Annie adventures at a fierce rate. Well….I and their daddy have been reading the books and they have been listening quite intently (considering most other books, they just wiggle and roll around half-listening and with these books they sit and listen most of the time, I’ll consider that intently otherwise).


So all day today, Cameron has been in and out of time out (including while in school). So, he was told to go to his room tonight because he wouldn’t stop shooting his toy robot gun over the stairs from upstairs to downstairs after being told to stop. I think he’s starting to catch on that it’s time to rest and not get too upset. Cameron is playing in his room. I can hear him talking. I start listening in a bit, and he’s saying some really interesting stuff. Stuff I’ve never heard him do before, but words and phrases I recognize from books we’ve been reading to him every night. Then Kiefer started to play with a loud toy pretending to vacuum the office floor with it, so I could not hear much else from Cameron other than he was still vocalizing some very concentrated thoughts.


So on with the story… I am now sitting in the office looking through messages and doing whatever random stuff I do on the computer. I have been listening to Cameron reading the new Jack and Annie book about volcanoes out loud. No, he’s not actually reading it, but he’s going through the pages making up a very well thought out story that includes different voices for the different characters. Jack is writing in his notebook as usual, Morgan Le Fay is telling them what adventures they will be getting in to, and Annie wants to go from one place to the next. He is talking of moats (never told him that word so I’m assuming that’s from school), forests, and other places and locations. Jason caught him telling this story and Cameron was so proud of himself. He kept on going on with the story telling. Then Kiefer got in the act briefly.


I am so proud of these boys. They are 4-1/2 and they have such a huge love of books. They can actually focus on these chapter books that are not really meant for kids their age. Cameron wants to read SOO badly, and Kiefer is just starting to ask questions about what different words are as well as how things are made and what their purposes are. Cameron hasn’t asked too many probing questions about the world, but he takes in the information so easily and he’ll include his knowledge in his comments and spoken imaginary play.

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