What a Weekend!

This weekend was by far one of the busiest weekends we’ve ever had! Let’s see…



Jason and I went to Laurel Park elementary school to discuss the possibility of moving to a different track. The person we talked to reassured us that the track we chose will have two classes at least for the first few hears out boys are in school. However, we needed to get proof of the therapies our boys have been receiving during preschool (speech therapy and occupational therapy), so they can continue the therapy during kindergarten. I had to find out when they first started and then the more recent start to a second round of therapies are so the therapists at Laurel Park will have an idea of the progress my boys are making and what sort of help they need. I also need to write up and explanation of why they are in therapy. Alright no big deal. It was kind of nice going to that school again. It’s a big reminder of what sort of school we can look forward to our boys going to.


After a good day at preschool, we picked Cameron and Kiefer up at school. They both had good days so we were very happy about that. That night was a parent’s night out for them at the school which we were really looking forward to. They got dropped off at school at 6pm. We went off to dinner and a movie. We saw Bullet to the Head with Sylvester Stallone. Decent movie, not my favorite and not a movie I’d see again. It got out late. Parent’s night out ended at 10pm and it was about 9:15pm. We get back to the school at 9:30pm. The boys were not ready to go home they were having so much fun. We eventually convince them it was time to leave. We get home and off to bed they go. So what’s the big deal about this? They had a great time, right?



10am in the morning, the boys had a playdate with their friend from Primrose. We’ll call her J to keep her name private. The late night at school then an early playdate proved to not be the best idea. Actually, J had a late night event as well. So she was tired and a little less enthused about the playdate, but she does enjoy playing with Cameron and Kiefer. About half way through, both J and Cameron wanted to go home. They were EXHAUSTED! Kiefer was ready to keep on going and J’s mom and I were not ready to end it just yet. This had already proven to be a nice chance to catch up between us both so we had more to talk about still. Jason was doing a great job watching everyone, but we did still around more so he didn’t have to do all the work. I’m sure he still felt he did. He’s a trooper either way. The playdate ended on a good note. Even though Cameron was tired, he was holding it together and gave J a very nice hug goodbye. Kiefer was feeling tired as well and was not up for any big goodbyes. Oh well, J was fine with that though she did seem a little disappointed Kiefer wasn’t really talking to her anymore. …no hard feelings, Kiefer was just not up for any goodbyes.

A little side story. I am very impressed with Kiefer. When he heard they were going to have a playdate with J, Kiefer started to ask what her favorite color was. He’s been known to ask random questions about people so I just thought this was the same. I email J’s mom the question. Kiefer would not stop asking if she answered yet. He kept asking me to look. The following day, J’s mom answered that J’s favorite color was blue. Kiefer stopped asking me now that he had his answer, and I didn’t think any more of it. The next day or two was the day of the playdate. Just before it was time to leave, Kiefer started to look around for something blue to wear so he can show J he had something that was her favorite color. Wha-wha-what? My little 4-1/2 year old had a rather large plan. That was so thoughtful and sweet to have thought of putting on something to make J feel special. We found his plastic string that was originally for a plastic bracelet kit I had gotten a long long time ago and never put together. He found a light blue string. He had hoped to also have the dark blue, but we could not find that one. I put it on his wrist. He showed it to her towards the end of the visit and it made her smile. J’s mom thought that was so adorable!

Later that day, we had another playdate! We are crazy people! Their other friend C had asked to go bike riding in the park again. They had a great time last park playdate, and C just got a new bike with larger wheels. He wanted to show it off. Well, Cameron has not been as interested in bike riding so we brought his bike and scooter just in case…as well as the stomp rockets if the grass was dry enough. Cameron decided to try the bike again. He’s afraid of the speed and C and Kiefer are fast bikers. It was hard for him to feel confident with his brother and best friend riding so far ahead. Jason stayed with him while I chased C’s mom, C, and Kiefer all over the place. At one point Cameron was just starting to feel comfortable enough to ride a little faster when he accidentally bumped in to C making C fall. That was the final straw! Cameron felt awful that happened and felt afraid he’d make C fall again. C was fine. He didn’t even cry. He just got back on his bike and told Cameron he was OK and drove off. It was not fine for C. He was still upset. I ran off after Kiefer while Daddy stayed to comfort Cameron. Kiefer and C were on their way back when they were talking about getting on the scooters. Cameron had already said he didn’t want his but was on his way back to the car with Jason. We all got to the car to get the scooters when we saw Cameron on his scooter instead. So Kiefer got his scooter and C stayed on his bike. That didn’t last long. Kiefer wanted to do what C was doing. We got the bike back again. Then, Kiefer and C wanted to use the stomp rockets. The grass was still very wet from the last rain storm we recently had, but there were some dry patches. We went ahead and stomped a few rockets off. It was a blast! Ok, bad pun, but it was still fun! Oh! A rhyme! OK OK back to the story… Soon, it was time for C to go home. However, we all ended up at the playground for a little bit. It was short, but they all had a great time! Until Kiefer accidentally hurt C in the head with his kicking. They were getting in to a tunnel and Kiefer accidentally kicked C while trying to climb in with C after him. All would have been fine, but Kiefer refused to apologize to C who was very visibly disappointed that Kiefer would not apologize to him. On our way back to the car. C held Cameron’s hand. Kiefer wanted to hold C’s hand, but C insisted he wanted Cameron instead. This, of course, made Cameron feel very special. Kiefer had to walk with Jason and I behind them. It was a good lesson for Kiefer that he needs to show empathy more and understand how his actions or lack there of can effect his friends. He still refused to apologize when we got to the car for the final goodbyes. Cameron and C, as usual, were huggy/kissy buddies and gave a good squeeze to each other. We gave Kiefer another chance to talk to C, but he still didn’t want to. C was being a little silly towards the end playing in to the whole thing. He and Kiefer have gone through this before. They’ll be friends again on Monday, but it was sad to see how hard it was for Kiefer to just simply say “Sorry” to his best friend. We are going to have to work on that.


Later that night, we all went for Pizza. That actually went over well considering how tired the boys were. I mean they were EXHAUSTED!!!!!! That night was a good night.



This morning, they were both up about 7:45 am when their alarm lights go on (no sounds, just a green traffic light). They both looked happy as can be. I guess they had a good night! Today was only supposed to have one playdate. Well, it was only one playdate, but it didn’t end there. So let’s start with the playdate. Today was the first time the Cameron and Kiefer stepped in to a bowling alley. We went with Cameron’s friend E from the boys’ current preschool. Her parents were there too. I brought my own bowling ball and shoes which was nice because I didn’t have to pay for it. Actually, E’s parents paid half of the final bill. It worked out nicely, though I hope that turned out fair. I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to feel obligated to pay for us. Well, either way, the boys had a great time! I just wish I had video of some of the things the boys did. Most of the time, Kiefer used the ball track. That a metal track for kids to use instead of pushing the ball, they can just roll it down this ramp aimed toward the pins. He got second place to everyone! E’s father got first place with a 119. Kiefer got a 90! WOOHOO!! You go boy! He even got himself a strike during the game. Cameron tried to roll the ball himself a few times. He even tried to run up to the alley and roll the ball. DAMN I wish I had video of that! Most awesome site! Of course, once Cameron would run to the alley, he’d slow down and just about drop the ball down and it’d roll about snail speed toward the pins. He did pretty well. I think he got above a 70! E used the ramp most of the time as well, but she did make a few very good rolls. I think she may have also gotten a strike at one point or at least a spare. She did very well too. E’s mom was having trouble with the ball, but she did alright. Her wrist was not doing well so gripping the ball was not as easy for her. I was doing pretty poorly for a while. Last place until somewhere in the middle. I got a strike. I had a few good rolls and a few bad ones. A couple of gutters as well. I scored somewhere in the middle at the end. It was so much fun! The boys both were getting bored and tired towards the end of the game. Their shoes were hot and uncomfortable. They were ready to call it a game when they only had two turns left. Even E was starting to get restless. We all agreed it would have been better to get two lanes and let the kids have their own so the game would go faster for them, and they would not have had to wait so long for their turns. Even with all that, they boys said they want to bowl again some day. I was very happy to hear that!


After the bowling was over, E mentioned she’s going on a strange bike. E’s father said they were going bike riding and she is attached to the back on his bike. I’ve seen those. They look like fun! With that, Kiefer wanted SOO badly to ride his bike again. The temperature was not too bad today, so we agreed it was a possibility. Cameron, again was not so interested in the idea. But, we didn’t want to waste the good weather and Kiefer wanted to try to ride without his training wheels for the first time so badly. We went home and picked up the bikes. Cameron agreed to go bike riding so we didn’t  have to convince him any more. We went to a park we call the mountain park. It has this one hill they call a mountain, but that is not the name of the park. We rode around a bit as the only flat field there was taking up with a couple of lacrosse players. Finally, it cleared up and Kiefer’s training wheels came off. I got the camera set to video, but there was one problem. Cameron was NOT in the mood to see his brother get to advance to no training wheels while he still had his down as far as they’d go. He wanted them off too. I was not about to let that happens. Cameron was barely able to ride his bike above 3 miles an hour! He was crying and crying and crying. I decided to go ahead and video what I could. Kiefer was getting a good lesson by his daddy on how to use his feet to lean on when the bike tips to the side while not moving. He was a great student and listened to every word Jason was saying. He had a couple of short runs with very little hands-on-the-bike by Jason, but mostly it was just him getting used to having no support wheels on. I eventually let Cameron have a go on Kiefer’s bike. Cameron tried so hard to listen. He did great! He is definitely not ready for the training wheels to come off, but he was trying really hard to follow directions. With this new motivation, however, he got on his own bike and started to pedal faster. He really wanted to get the chance to have his wheels off. I think he understood he needed them still and was not ready yet to get them removed, but with a little hard work and facing fears, he may get to that point soon.


I’m so proud of my boys. They both made some big strides and learned new things. I had a great time with them this weekend and I look forward to some more cool new things with them. We are going to Florida next week. That is our next big adventure!

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