Trip to Florida

This past weekend was the second time my boys have been to visit their grandma. This would be the first time they have been on a place and really be able to experience all it’s wonders. The first time, they were a little too young to truly remember the experience, but even then, they did seem to enjoy the adventure.


The car ride to the airport was a pleasant one with the boys filled with wonder about the upcoming events. The airport was not too bad. Getting through the ticket booth area was good. They had plenty of questions for the person behind the desk. Once we got to the security, the boys started to get a little restless. Can you blame them? No one likes to wait on a line. Finally after about 10 minutes or so, it was our turn. We rounded up the wild kids and they sent us through the regular machine. Good choice. What 4 year old is going to stand still in a big machine with their hands up to be scanned?  They don’t mind the regular machine. Just walk through and all’s done. We got our shoes on and continued to the terminal. Getting to the terminal was more of a pain. The boys just wanted to look everywhere! We went to our regular place to eat food. The boys whined about eating there, but there wasn’t any other place they could eat. They mostly ate their food. 


The airplane ride was easy peasy! Cameron sleeps within 5 minutes of the plane lifting off. No problem! He’s also not afraid of the take-off which I have always been concerned about. Kiefer was also being good. Curious about stuff. The big thing I was concerned about with him, is some of his questions relate to plane crashes and catastrophes. I can appreciate his curiosity but not on an airplane. He wasn’t too bad with the trauma questions. He was more fascinated with the experience though which was great. Cameron woke up before we landed, but for him, the ride was very short. He was hungry but he kept it together. The touch-down was smooth enough. The boys were prepared for the little bump since we had talked a lot about airplanes and they’ve read Caillou’s first plane ride which described the bump feeling when the wheels touch the asphalt. The problem was mainly the noise of the airplane’s brakes and the wind passing over the wing flaps. Cameron does NOT like noise! He just covered his ears and winced a bit. He complained about it being too loud, but he was alright considering his reactions in the past.


Florida was nice! This time we brought a couple of booster seats which we were able to bring on the plane. That made things a whole lot  easier to travel with. Mom got rid of the larger convertible seats she had last time. What a waste! I suggested those seats, but I changed my mind to something else too late. She went and bought the Graco Chase seats. NOT great seats. Graco has been very good with most of their seat designs, but this one was pretty bad! The boys were big enough now to use the backless cheapo seats we bought at Target now. So, we took Mom’s car home. Mom squeezed between the two booster seats (thankfully she’s thin, but still not quite able to squeeze completely between the seats), while I drove everyone home.


My brother and my sister-in-law were there and it was so nice to see them. The boys got to spend time with their cousins. They LOVE their cousins! We all went swimming together which was fun. Cameron and Kiefer can’t swim yet, but they have had some lessons so they are comfortable floating around in the water using the flotation devices and toys available at the pool. I think that was their biggest thrill! There were a few other fun things they got to do. At one point, they wanted to put together a train set. My middle nephew wanted to help. His youngest brother wanted him to come play with the neighbor kid but he wanted to stay and play with my boys. I was impressed! He helped put together the train and let it run around the track with the boys.


Then he decided it was time to go next door. He invited Cameron and Kiefer to come along. Keep in mind, this cousin is about 6 years older. It was so sweet to see how much he enjoyed playing with my 4 year old boys. So they all went next door. The neighbor kid showed Cameron and Kiefer his ride-on truck.

For a while, 10 year old nephew wanted to stay with my boys while they rode around on the car to make sure they wouldn’t get hurt. Youngest cousin was helping a little, but eventually, they all went on to play catch football. Cameron and Kiefer had tons of fun driving that car. It was their first time behind the wheel and they took it seriously! They each took turns which was nice to see. Cameron seemed to take the lead though. He really got in to it. Kiefer enjoyed his turn but didn’t seem as enthused. Maybe it’s because Kiefer is just more laid back than Cameron. I don’t know, but it was a lot of fun to see them figure out where to turn the truck. Soon, it was time to get back home. Something happened between the neighbor and the youngest cousin. middle cousin was adamant that we all had to leave. I think the neighbor kid was getting too rough with youngest cousin and middle cousin was not having it. It was time to go.


The boys got to see their aunt and uncle. They came down for a visit. It was nice to see them before we left. On my brother’s last night, we all went to a restaurant that I hadn’t been to in a long time. It was AWFUL!! No one liked their food there. Well, very few did anyhow. I had sushi with real crab. YUCK! I think those that ordered the steak had a good meal, but anything fish came out terrible! It was also over-priced so that didn’t help my guilt that I just didn’t want to eat it. I choked down what I could though. I felt bad my mother had me sit at one end of the table while Jason sat with the boys on the other with her. She did not help much, so Jason had to deal with Cameron’s up-chucking his food all over his plate and the boys’ continuous requests to go to the bathroom or get out of their chair.  Cameron was next to his youngest cousin(he’s 8 so not that young). That went well. Oldest cousin was not in a good mood, but may have enjoyed sitting next to Cameron more. Youngest cousin spent a lot of his time giving his oldest brother a hard time getting in his face making him more irritable. Brothers…that’s their job and youngest cousin was doing it well. Oldest cousin (13 years old) really loves my two boys. He’s so good with them and they both look up to him a lot.  Cameron loves his youngest cousin, but probably would have liked being with his oldest cousin considering he hadn’t spent as much time with him the entire trip as he’d like. Still, the visit was a great one!

carwash1They did get to spend some time with their cousins washing their uncle’s car. It was nice to see Cameron and his uncle spend a little one-on-one time getting a mark out of the super-white car together. Big job for Cameron too! Then everyone stepped in. How fun! I don’t think I saw such a sparkling car before! Well, they did their best. No one likes to see a dirt mark on such a white car. If you hadn’t picked up on this, I am NOT a fan of white cars. Too much work!

The trip home was a success. It was harder getting through the terminal since it was busier than the one at home and Cameron and Kiefer did NOT want to walk with us. They did get to ride on the tramway at the airport at least, which the boys thoroughly enjoyed. They did their usual on the plane. Cameron slept (though not as much this time) and Kiefer stayed up talking about one thing or another. We were looking forward to getting home and just collapsing on our furniture. It’s just nice being home. It’s like a vacation from the vacation! I’d do this again. Though, I do hope to get to NY some time soon so they get to visit their Gramps and their daddy’s side of the family. We will!

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