Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

Who says Cameron doesn’t listen? Well, just about anyone that knows him. Tonight, however, there’s proof he DOES listen. He’s fooled us all! I was singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” to him (he requested a song. The boy demands; must sing!). I get to the part “…birds fly over the rainbow. Why then oh why can’t I?” Cameron cuts me off and says, “Because she doesn’t have a ladder. And then she wouldn’t be able to climb down either.” Finishing the song was a challenge. You try singing and laughing at the same time!



Tonight, before the singing, during the last minute tuck-in talk, Cameron had a random thought:


Cameron: We are going to have one big and one small dog.

Me: Oh we are, are we?

Cameron: Yes, one big and one small dog (shows me with his hands how big and small he’s thinking of).

Me: What are their names?

Cameron: Penny and Ma.. NO! Probably Pepper and Salt. NO! Leo and Salt. NO NO! Probably Penny and Leo just like Grandma’s dogs.

Me: So one girl and one boy?

Cameron: Yes!

Me: Which will be the girl?

Cameron: Penny will be the small dog with no penis because she’s a girl. Leo will be the big dog with a penis because he’s a boy, but he will only be allowed to pee outside in the back yard, so we don’t step in pee. That would be gross. Then we’d get pee all over our shoes, our pants, and our socks will get wet. It will be yucky!

Me: What’s worse than stepping in pee?

Cameron: Stepping in doody! Then your shoes will get yucky and then you might slip and your butt will get dirty and you’ll have to change my clothes, because they will be stinky and messy!

Me: What a mess!

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