Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

Jason and I will rotate every night doing a tuck-in for one boy and then checking in on the other. Tuck-ins are lengthy with book reading, laying with them and a small chat or some tuck-in routine set by either one of us (I do something specific with Kiefer while Jason may do something different when it’s his turn to tuck in Kiefer and vise verse). Check-ins are supposed to be brief giving us both a chance to say goodnight to both boys and so Jason was checking in on Cameron tonight. Cameron was wondering why he took so long before coming in to his room, so Jason tried to explain about part of his conversation with Kiefer who he was tucking in tonight. For the record, Jason did not take long at all to check in on Cameron. He was just being impatient. We are talking maybe 3-5 minutes after I left his room.


Cameron: Daddy, why did you take so long to check on me?

Jason: Kiefer was asking me questions about bones and muscles.

Cameron: Do dogs eat our bones?

Jason: No dogs don’t eat our bones, they eat snack bones.

Cameron: Yeah, cause if dogs ate our bones, we would be all squishy.


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