No Swimming, Make Pie!

What a bummer. I was hoping to go swimming with my boys. Yesterday, Cameron hurt his finger and it hurt him through the night. I was afraid he wouldn’t be able to swim today. We were supposed to go swimming with my aunt which we haven’t done in a while. Luckily, she lives close by, so cancelling wasn’t a big deal. What a shame though. It would have been fun and it would have gotten them out of the house. Cameron’s finger at least isn’t swollen, so I know it’s not broken. He took off the splint I made him with a gauze bandage last night and told me he felt better. His finger still hurt, but he could bend it at least. I’m glad we didn’t go since it probably would have bothered him more and we’d have to cut the swimming short anyways.


So today has been filled with many ways to rot their brains from XBox games to TV watching and playing computer games. At least some of the games were educational, but I still think I hear liquefied brain sloshing around in their heads as they walk. I will say that I am impressed with how well they get around some of those video games.


Then I decided toward the end of the day to make a chocolate cream pie with the boys. Cameron helped pour the cake mix in to the milk. Then I cooked it until it boiled. Then came the part where I messed up. I didn’t realize the cake had to sit in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours before I could put on the whipped cream. That would mean we’d have to make the whipped cream around 8:30/9:00 pm, which is when the boys go to bed. That’s the part Kiefer was going to help me with. He’s going to have to wait until tomorrow to make it. We’ll have it tomorrow night for desert! I can’t wait!!! I haven’t made a chocolate cream pie for a long long time!

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