Sleep Pee

Cameron has a new habit. I am aware that he has night terrors and he used to wet the bed pretty often. Now he uses the bathroom. GASP! What kid in his right mind would use the bathroom to potty? I mean he uses the bathroom, not necessarily the toilet. Well, he uses the toilet, but that doesn’t mean what he’s putting in it lands in the toilet. That’s right. EWWW! Most of the time, he does manage to get his pee inside the toilet, but often there will be pee in, on, and around the toilet. At least he got some in the toilet. There have been times that he forgot to open the lid and pee has ended up on and around the toilet, but nothing in the toilet. 


Pee is the least of our concerns though. A few days ago, he came in to my room around 1:00 am totally confused and anxious about something. He went on about his poop not getting in to the toilet. Well, I took him to my bathroom to help wash him up since he admitted to forgetting to wipe his butt, while his daddy went to help wash the poop off the toilet lid. Let’s start with the toilet. Cameron apparently forgot to lift the lid again, but he also decided he needed to try to clean his own mess. He took a poop in some toilet paper and threw it in the trash. The trash was full, so it ended up in a wad on the floor. There was poop on all three layers of toilet; lid, seat, and bowl. There was nothing actually in the water mind you. Daddy had his hands full of mess! Me, on the other hand, had another mess lurking in his undies. I took his pants and underwear of and threw them in his Daddy’s sink (it was the closest one to me….nothing against Hubby). I heard a thud as his underwear hit the sink. There was a big doody still in his undies! YUCK! I had a rubber glove in the bathroom I was going to use for some cleaning. Well, I guess it was good I never got to it! I put that on and tossed the doody in the toilet. Still, lots were stuck to the underwear so I threw that in the toilet. NOOO I didn’t flush! I let it soak there until it was time to rinse it off. So, Cameron is covered in doody. I tried to wipe him up, but honestly, I was going to have to use the rest of the toilet paper and wipes left in the house in order to accomplish this task. So, I tossed him in the tub. NOT a happy boy. SOO confused about what happened. I felt so bad for him! Well, all’s well. Boy cleaned, bathroom cleaned. I went to tuck Cameron back in and Kiefer had just gotten out of the bathroom. Thank goodness, Daddy managed to clean up the bathroom before Kiefer found it. Cameron would have been in for a total tease-down by Kiefer if that happened. Kiefer was worried about Cameron. He loves his brother and probably would have been fully supportive of what happened had he seen it, but then the support would likely have ended up with a few verbal jabs. So I go and bring Cameron to his room and he looks at his bed and turns to me. He says,”It’s a good thing I didn’t poop in my bed. That would have been messy!” I gotta give it to this kid, he’s got a point!


Then, this morning…a new problem. A short one at least! It could have been a long morning, but thankfully, Cameron was wrong. He came in to my bedroom again looking worried and confused. He said he accidentally dropped his lovey, Tigger, in the toilet and flushed. It’s not the first time he flushed the toilet seeing that there was something other than waste in there, so I became concerned. I got my butt out of bed and went to his bathroom. I opened the toilet lid and saw pee and a wipe. Nothing else. I asked him if he was sure he dropped Tigger in there. He said yes. I figured it flushed and got stuck before the pee went down or he flushed it down before he peed. I had to break the news to him. “Tigger is gone then. I can’t get him back! I’m so sorry, Cameron.” That look on his face was the saddest thing I ever saw. I figure, I might as well tuck him in and lay with him for a while while he processed what happened. I go in to his room and there it was. Tigger was laying on the covers dry as ever! I picked it up and handed to a very depressed boy. He was SOOO confused now…even more than before! But, MUCH happier! Tigger was alright! I reminded him not to bring his loveys in to the bathroom or something like them landing in the toilet could really happen. I laid him down, gave him a kiss and left him to rest a little longer.


Cameron has been sleep walking. I know this because we’ve seen him walking out of his room totally unaware of what he’s doing. We just have to guide him back in to his room and lay him down. I’ve seen him playing with stuff in his room walking around his bed and still completely unaware of what’s going on. If I asked him what’s going on, he believes he’s somewhere else. I just lay him down and he’s asleep. He’s had many night terrors, now it’s sleepwalking. Poor boy, this is likely the reason for his many headaches he gets. He just isn’t getting a restful sleep!

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