The day of firsts!

Today, Kiefer decided he was going to tie his own shoe laces. He was getting close, but had a hard time. He asked for my help, so I showed him the three ways I know how to tie a shoelace. He and I chose the simplest one (tying the bunny ears). I showed him 2 times, and he got it! He was so proud of himself. He showed it to his daddy and then decided to try to teach his brother, Cameron. I sat here listening to him try to teach Cameron by showing him the way I did (tying the bunny ears). Cameron was not as motivated, but he did try to understand what Kiefer was trying to teach him. He really wanted to teach Cameron himself, so he turned down any offers for me to help, which I did towards the end, but Cameron only required some bubble gum. So, that was the end of the shoelace tying attempts from Cameron, but Kiefer did continue to practice on his own. I’m so proud of him!

So, later today, we went bike riding in the park without the training wheels. It was an unusually warm day this Winter, we were definitely going to take advantage of it. Kiefer was ready to go. Cameron was not as sure of himself, but he did OK with a little help from his daddy. Kiefer, on the other hand, was off. He quickly learned how to start pedalling with only a few slips without being on a hill to glide down on. Kiefer is officially a bike rider! Cameron did a few rounds on his bike and stopped once he got too frustrated that he couldn’t ride like Kiefer yet. He played on the playground instead. He made a very good friend with a little girl who was probably about 3 years old. It’s nice that he’s so kid friendly. It’s sweet to watch him with other kids. He would stand over her and help her get through some of the difficult areas of the play gym and kept her company until it was time for her to go home.

Today was a good day for firsts. Though it’s not a first for today, Cameron has accomplished a big one recently too. He can read! He still has to sound out most words, but he can read on his own when he’s in to it. It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for us!

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