Is this a milestone?

My gosh Kiefer is growing up! Well, he IS technically getting taller, but he has gained a bunch of firsts and impressive actions. And Cameron! WHOA! I’m getting whiplash!

Let’s start by saying, they are doing great with their skating. Rollerblading is fun and a great exercise for them. However, I will say it’s getting hard for them wince Cameron doesn’t seem to think he can skate well and Kiefer doesn’t want to change the way he already is skating which is having his skates be very far apart making is hard to keep his balance. When the teacher gets Cameron’s attention, he does it right, but as long as he doesn’t believe in himself, he reverts back to doing it incorrectly. Well, it’s a struggle, but in the long run, they do like it. I’m nervous about getting my own skates. My ankles have a hard time with the skating and I’m not convinced they will be doing this for a long time. Meanwhile, skating isn’t going to be going on after this lesson is done. I’m fine with continuing it, but after a little break. Maybe we’ll get on to gymnastics or a different sport or activity. I might let them decide on this one. We’ll see….

Then there’s biking. Sure, Kiefer’s become a pro at it, but guess who else has become a pro? Cameron! He finally just decided to ride. His grandmother was visiting once, and we decided to go for a bike ride (let them ride while we watch). Cameron just climbs on his bike and takes off sans training wheels! WHA-WHA-WHAT!?! The time before that he had maybe put his foot on the pedal and made one push before he lost his balance. Now suddenly he’s riding his bike on his own! He still had trouble at first going up hill, but that is no longer a problem. Now they enjoy riding time with their neighbors who know how to ride a bike. Now only one kid on the block is still on his training wheels. He hasn’t been on his bike in front of us for a while. He prefers his scooter that Cameron so generously gave to him.

Swimming has been going slowly. As I’m constantly reminded, some kids pick up on this stuff very fast while others take their time. I guess mine take their time. It’s been a year since we’ve been with their current swim school. They are both still in level 4, but Kiefer is about ready to move to level 5. They want to keep him in 4 until his kicks are more consistent. Cameron still has a lack of confidence, but it’s incredible to watch him when he accomplishes something. That’s the only thing holding him back….fear. Luckily, his current coach is someone that will push him to do more stuff. Both boys seem to like their coach. The last one they had has left, but I had to move them out of that time slot anyway because they are now involved in another extracurricular activity.

Martial arts classes are on! Well, to be specific Ninjutsu classes. I am so pleased with how this has started out. The boys LOVE this class, and they both really seem to like and respect their sensei. Kiefer has proven to be very athletic and capable of doing the moves. Cameron has also been very impressive. He does goof off a bit which gets him into trouble at times, but he is retaining the information and moves Sensei is teaching them. This class is great for them. I have heard Cameron saying “Thank you” and Kiefer saying “Please” more often than not. Cameron impressively more often saying his please and thank yous. It’s just the beginning, so I am looking forward to seeing how much more of sensei’s teachings and manners will rub off on the boys as well as seeing the confidence levels increase. Day one, Kiefer was SOOO nervous. Now he only expresses his nerves when he walks in, but gets right in to the class as soon as it starts. He and Cameron both want to be first with everything Sensei wants to do. It’s amazing! I will say, I’m hoping Kiefer learns to be nicer to Cameron during class. In almost everything they do together, Kiefer gets annoyed at Cameron for anything and everything from sitting next to him to not following the directions to a “T”. That works against him because as long as he’s watching for Cameron’s mistakes, he’s causing more disruption and is not completing the task either. That’s a work in progress….

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