The World is Collapsing Around Me!

So, I woke up this morning to another dream to remember. It’s been a while since I had a dream that I remembered, but that means I have to analyse it and figure out what it means. Here goes….

Dream: Jason and I are standing some place in a town. A small white dog, a poodle maybe(?) named Sohpia was with us. It’s almost as if she were always part of my family. Meanwhile, a sandstorm of some type comes whipping towards us dumping sand and wind our way. We need to run for cover. We find ourselves running into a city and into a building maybe 7 to 10 stories high. A man is inside and invites us up to his apartment for safety. The man appears kind enough and sincere so we follow him. He takes us to his room which is about 7 flights up.

We get comfortable and relax a bit. Suddenly there was a rumble outside. Buildings within our view were tumbling to the ground and falling in to water. We didn’t have time to run out of the building, so I opened the window and told everyone to get ready to swim out when we get close enough to the water. The building then started tumbling towards the water which is racing through the streets under us, and we jumped in and began to swim furiously to the side where there was ground. Me, Jason, and the man got to safety. We ended up walking on the streets among many other people who escaped from their buildings. Sophia was not with me. I called and called for her and she finally appeared. Someone else was holding on to her. She had to squirm out of this guy’s arms and run to me. Now we are all together and just searching for a safe place to be.

Analysis: Now you’d think, what a terrible dream! I must have been so scared! Why did I call it a dream and not a nightmare? Good question. It should have been a nightmare. My world is falling apart around me, and everywhere I was became unstable. But, this time, I was not afraid. I held it together. I realize that Jason being next to me, but not offering anything to the dream other than his presence, was because I felt he was just there as part of me for support and part of my family. He was not there to add any conflict or thoughts into this dream. He was just there.

Sophia is a pet dog. Normally in my dreams, dogs represent domestication. I think in this dream, she represented my children and home life. She was a focus in this dream. She was both by my side and a necessary part of the dream. When she was without me, I needed her. I became aware of her not being with me and needed to find her before I felt one with myself even though Jason was beside me the entire time (which definitely was a comfort to me throughout this entire adventure). The man we found represented trust and friendship. It’s hard for me to trust someone new. I took that leap of faith and let this strange man try to protect us. Never in my dream did I feel unsafe with him or in his apartment. I felt he fully intended to keep us safe. He also did not add much to this dream other than to be there when we needed him.

Conclusion: I believe this dream was meant to show me that even though my world is falling apart, I can count on those around me. I need my family and I need to trust my friends. I was brave and very confident throughout this dream which is not how I usually am. I often have dreams focused on chaos, and I have feelings of panic and fear when faced with these chaotic images. Only one other time did I face that fear in another dream with a tornado where I jumped right in and was OK. In this dream there was little conflict or concern about what to do, I just knew what to do and I did it. We all ended up together and still going strong.

So what does this have to do with my current life? It’s around this time I feel unstable. Money starts to run low, we argue, my boys have been testing my limits to the point I’m in tears. I don’t like to cry because of stress from my boys. I love them with all my heart! But, it’s hard when I’m already stressed to have one of my boys get very combative and defiant with me. I don’t like screaming, but I have been doing that daily. My whole family…except me so far, have gotten sick, and I’ve been taking care of them. My thumb is out of commission and in a splint and now my other thumb is starting to get strained and hurts when I use it. Christmas is only two days away, and we haven’t gotten everything needed and my mother still wants me to do some things for her before Christmas. I’m stretched to the limit!!! I might collapse!! But, this dream is telling me that if I stick together and count on my family and friends to be with me every step of the way, I’m going to be just fine. I should count on my friends for support and lean on my husband when I feel I need to. Keep an eye on my kids as they may get lost along the way, but I’ll always find them and make it through whatever comes my way!

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