So, I never mentioned this, but….

We got a new dog! I can’t believe I forgot to talk about it here! *slap my forehead* We thought long and hard about what kind of dog to get. Originally, I really wanted a Belgian Tervuren. They are basically long-haired shepherds. They are the lapdogs of shepherds. I searched around for one nearby, but there wasn’t any to be found. They are around I’m sure, but none advertised and I didn’t want to pay for shipping. I loved the idea of owning this breed, but I wasn’t going to go out of my way nor pay up the wazoo for one.

So…on to our next choice. A rough-coated collie. They are very family friendly, tall and long-haried. Perfect for me! I did like the idea of having a large dog. I was used to having a dog close to Sparky and Skye’s size, but to have a dog as tall as a collie would be awesome. This breed was among the very few that Jason was comfortable with. He’s normally not into very large sized dogs. So, I searched. I got an idea from a fellow rough collie owner in my neighborhood to look about an hour away. I found one! She didn’t breed show quality most of the time, but she had puppies that were just born on Jan 6, 2015 and available to be claimed. I looked on her site and found the only female she had listed. I wanted a female due to size and temperament. I also feel weird about the males’ drippy penises and accidentally peeing on walls and dangerous object around the house. Females at least pee squatting so a messy floor is not as bad to clean up. Anyhoo, there were other females in the liter, but they were not available to be sold at the time. I claimed the female available. She did not have a full collar, but that didn’t matter to me really. I was just looking for the right dog for our family. We all thought about what to name her. It came down to 3 choices, Tessa, Cody/Kody, or Sandy. Jason really didn’t like Tessa, I really didn’t like Sandy. We all liked Cody/Kody, but as you may be able to see, we could not agree on the spelling. So, back to the name list. The next name to consider was a hit. Mazzy. We all preferred using a Y instead of the IE ending, so that at least was not up for debate. Mazzy it is! (I wanted to upload a picture, but it’s not working and I’m too lazy to try to fix it. Maybe I’ll add it later.)

The other two females eventually became available, but were snatched up almost immediately. I was only upset at the time because I was the first to put down a down payment with the idea that only one female was available and I did not get any other choice. No matter, The owner felt bad about overlooking that and offered some money off. That was sufficient. Besides, there was nothing wrong with the girl I chose, I’d have just liked the option to chose from those available.

Well, we were on our way to meet her at 10 days old, and there was a surprise for us. One of the boys was actually a girl! The breeder brought out both girls when we arrived. The one we originally chose was very small. She had a patch of brown fur on her right side interrupting the flow of her white collar that most people look for in a sable colored collie (just like Lassie’s full collar). The other girl, Darby, was much bigger. Her collar was also not full but had more of a variety of places with brown and white. She was a bit more wiggly, but very cute. It was hard to choose. Jason said he didn’t care which puppy. The boys seemed on the fence. Cameron wanted the one we originally picked out. Kiefer wasn’t as sure, but eventually chose the original one too. I decided to go with our original as well. I was already in love with her and I loved her little white patch of fur on her nose which Darby¬†did not have. Mazzy was now officially our little girl!

Eight weeks were finally up and it was time to go get Mazzy. It was right after a long trip to Florida. We spent a couple of days at SeaWorld and Universal Studios with my mother and the four of us. It was nice, but I think we needed it to be longer. We didn’t get much time in SeaWorld which was Cameron’s favorite. Kiefer was starting to feel sick, so we didn’t get to spend much time there as well as having to listen to a sales pitch on time share. The following day we spent in Universal Studios. We definitely had a good time there. I got to ride a couple of crazy rollercoasters, which I so desperately wanted. No one else in my family can or will go on them. I’m hoping Kiefer at least will go on a crazy one with me when he’s old enough. Cameron and Jason and my mother are all more into the less crazy rides. Those are nice, but I won’t be satisfied with only the less wild rides. Anyhoo, we drove back home and had one day until it was pick up day. It was a little rainy on that day, but not too bad. We get to the breeder’s home and she’s nowhere to be found. I knocked on her door and she was there, but totally confused. She thought it was Monday! LOL No problem, she collected all the necessary things and collected Mazzy for me. Mazzy and the other girl were there. It was incredible! Darby¬†(the other girl), came out first. She tried to escape, but I picked her up. SO BIG!!! She was a happy girl, but if you want to know happy, you see Mazzy come out. She’s a ball of excitement! It’s like she knew I was there for her. She greeted us all and just focused on us. We were hoping she’d be encouraged to pee because Darby was out there with her. I asked about Darby’s and Mazzy’s size. It turns out, Mazzy is the second largest girl in the liter. The other two girls were much smaller than Mazzy. Mazzy will be a big girl too. Darby is going to be huge!

We took Mazzy home. On the way, she threw up. First just a little on her bed in the travel crate. Then after a while and the bed was removed, she upchucked again! This time more of it and she ended up rolling in it. We made an immediate appointment to get her groomed before we got home. Petsmart was willing to take her in. We get to Petsmart and she got her bath while we ate something. We also picked up some shampoo and a brush for her to use at home. Good thing too, because on the way home, she pooped in the crate. YUCK! STINKY POO! She also got herself messy from that. I brought her immediately to the tub and cleaned her up the best I could for a wiggly pup in a tub not really built for a dog to bathe in.

She’s made herself comfortable now. She’s 18 weeks now and already too big for her travel crate and starting to outgrow her large cage. She’s so sweet and SOOO smart! We are getting her general puppy manners classes in the beginning of June. What a gorgeous girl she is though. She does not have her full coat yet and she’ll be teething soon. She wants to play so badly. While I want to let her roam in the house, she still chews on stuff we don’t want her too. She’s getting more freedoms though. She gets outside playtime almost whenever she wants. Indoor playtime happens after she’s spent time outside so we know she won’t potty on anything. She’s chewing a lot less on stuff, but she needs to learn her basics first…drop it, leave it, sit, stay, down, off. Once she learns her indoor manners, she’ll have her free run of the house. She’s just too young still to get those much desired freedoms. We all just can’t help ourselves with her around. We just keep opening up her cage and giving her cuddles. Now she asks for cuddles. Unfortunately, her idea of a good hug includes a slap in the face. When her nails are not clipped, she’ll leave a big scratch on our faces. I think she’ll catch on eventually, hugs don’t include slapping, just happy sniffs and kisses will do. A good head snuggle on the shoulder is also a nice way to show love. She’s truly trying. She’ll grab our shoulders with her paws and pull us down when she wants a hug. It’s adorable! She’s fit right in to this family perfectly. We couldn’t have chosen a more perfect new member to this family!

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