Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

So today Cameron was home from school with us because of a tummy problem. It is on the mend, but still, he’s not allowed back at school yet. So, we took him shopping. On our way out, he said something that was hard to hear, but the conversation that followed was a hoot!

Cameron: I want to buy a boy.
Me: You want to buy a boy? What about a girl?
Cameron: No, you’d have to get pregnant for one of those.
Me: So, you want to buy a boy and get pregnant with a girl?
Cameron: No, Both
Me: So, you want to get pregnant with boy and a girl?
Cameron: No! I can’t do that!
Me: I don’t think you can buy a boy or a girl.
Cameron: I can get one at the homeless shelter.

OMG! I love this kid!

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