Another Tornado Dream

Ok, so I often have these dreams that include tornadoes. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid of them, or maybe because I’m fascinated by them. They usually make me feel afraid and they are often premonitions of something unpleasant in my life. Not that I’m going to have a tornado drop on me any time soon, but more about my normal life being stirred up a bit. So, let me tell you about this last one from about 2 nights ago.

My dream started off… I’m traveling on a road. I don’t know if I was with anyone or not. It didn’t feel like I was, but that wasn’t important. There wasn’t much around me. No big trees or homes or anything. It was more field type land surrounding me with some light hills. Ahead of me, in the distance, I could see an odd looking funnel cloud. It was intriguing, so I continued towards this cloud formation. As I approached the cloud, I could see the bottom of the cloud is spinning (the entire funnel was spinning as you’d expect from a tornado) and very close to the ground, but not touching the ground. It was a very neat, tightly wound funnel cloud and it was not producing any crazy amount of wind if any. The entire funnel cloud was originating from far away, reaching and bending to the road in front of a store which was the only building in this deserted area. I approached closer to this cloud, which was stalling over the same spot since I first saw the cloud from ways back, and it immediately moved over to the the empty side of the road away from the store. I started to feel anxious, since this was not normal tornado behavior and I normally fear tornadoes…especially this close. With this odd behavior of moving aside like it was getting out of my way, I knew I had a choice: to continue forward on the road ahead or turn around and go back to where I was. I chose to go forward. However, I saw a family standing in front of the store huddled together. It was a father, a mother and two kids. They were afraid of this odd tornado which was still lingering across the street, just not hovering over the road like it was before. I got out of the car and approached the family. I offered to help them, not sure how I could help, but I felt it was what I needed to do. I don’t remember any discussion, but it was about that storm. I noticed as I was standing with them, that tornado was getting more and more fuzzy/out of focus. It wasn’t roping out like a tornado would normally do when it weakens; it was more disappearing or phasing out. There was a sense of relief as well as confusion as to what happened, but more relief.

Then my alarm sounded and I woke up.


So what does it mean?

I’m on a path right now. Where this path leads me to, I don’t know. Do we ever really know? I believe this means my life is no longer at a stand still. I’ve lost weight, I’m looking for a job. I’m doing something in my life that moves me forward in my path. But this tornado. That means it’s going to messy…most of the time. I wasn’t afraid of this tornado. Hesitant at one point, but not afraid. I approached this tornado. But why did it move out of the way? My husband said it when I told him about my dream. It wasn’t my tornado. It wasn’t my mess. The family that was staring at it…it was their tornado, their tumult. My need to stop moving forward and help them was because I am to affect another family in some way. Part of my path is to help another through their turmoil, or whatever may be causing stress to them. I didn’t recognize this family as someone I currently know, so it could still be a current friend, my own family, or someone I will meet/get to know. I don’t think it’s my own family I may be helping because I did not feel a familial presence with these people. Maybe that detail was not important in this dream, however, but more that my path will lead me to help someone other than myself. It’s in my nature to want to help others when possible.


I suppose the next question is where will my path lead me after that? Where did these people go? Did they go with me? did they go their separate way? I wish my alarm clock didn’t go off when it did. That happens too often. When my dreams like this one are not finished, I will continue the dream the following night. Sometimes the details that my mind wants me to focus on become more obvious during the second time, but I did not repeat this dream last night. I guess what it wanted me to know had been told. Also, if I don’t analyse the dream, it will repeat until I do figure it out. So, I think the important part of this dream is just showing me that I’m now doing something, going somewhere with my life…no longer stagnant, and that I will be impacting others on my way.

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