Another Tornado Dream

Ok, so I often have these dreams that include tornadoes. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid of them, or maybe because I’m fascinated by them. They usually make me feel afraid and they are often premonitions of something unpleasant in my life. Not that I’m going to have a tornado drop on me any time soon, but more about my normal life being stirred up a bit. So, let me tell you about this last one from about 2 nights ago.

My dream started off… I’m traveling on a road. I don’t know if I was with anyone or not. It didn’t feel like I was, but that wasn’t important. There wasn’t much around me. No big trees or homes or anything. It was more field type land surrounding me with some light hills. Ahead of me, in the distance, I could see an odd looking funnel cloud. It was intriguing, so I continued towards this cloud formation. As I approached the cloud, I could see the bottom of the cloud is spinning (the entire funnel was spinning as you’d expect from a tornado) and very close to the ground, but not touching the ground. It was a very neat, tightly wound funnel cloud and it was not producing any crazy amount of wind if any. The entire funnel cloud was originating from far away, reaching and bending to the road in front of a store which was the only building in this deserted area. I approached closer to this cloud, which was stalling over the same spot since I first saw the cloud from ways back, and it immediately moved over to the the empty side of the road away from the store. I started to feel anxious, since this was not normal tornado behavior and I normally fear tornadoes…especially this close. With this odd behavior of moving aside like it was getting out of my way, I knew I had a choice: to continue forward on the road ahead or turn around and go back to where I was. I chose to go forward. However, I saw a family standing in front of the store huddled together. It was a father, a mother and two kids. They were afraid of this odd tornado which was still lingering across the street, just not hovering over the road like it was before. I got out of the car and approached the family. I offered to help them, not sure how I could help, but I felt it was what I needed to do. I don’t remember any discussion, but it was about that storm. I noticed as I was standing with them, that tornado was getting more and more fuzzy/out of focus. It wasn’t roping out like a tornado would normally do when it weakens; it was more disappearing or phasing out. There was a sense of relief as well as confusion as to what happened, but more relief.

Then my alarm sounded and I woke up. Read more


A Part of Me

This dream was fairly short, but I remembered it when I woke up. When I remember my dreams, it means there’s a message to be figured out. This dream seemed to be just pointing out a part of who I am as if it just wanted to be remembered. I must figure out the message or the dream will repeat itself until I do.

Dream: I was in a gym near a pool surrounded by friends. None of the faces were familiar in real life, but in the dream, I knew everyone. There was one boy, we’ll call him Richard, who stood out. He was friendly, charming, happy, full of life. People enjoyed his presence. He wasn’t necessarily the “leader” of this group, but he stood out as one of the more outgoing members of the crowd. He was about 5’8″ with sandy blonde to light brown hair and a healthy, peachy-pink skin. His hair was longish with a nice medium curl at the end. His face was slightly on the round side with large cheek bones, blueish eyes, and well cared for teeth in a very kind smile. He was a non-judgey, friends-with-everyone type of guy. He and I seemed to have a close connection. Not girlfriend-boyfriend type of connection, but a long-term friends kind of connection.

We all wandered into the pool area and sat down at the edge of the pool. I was sitting next to another boy, we’ll call him Alex. This boy was about the same height as Richard with dark brown hair, warm brown eyes, and pale olive skin. He too had healthy looking teeth and a sweet smile. His head was more oval shaped with more narrow cheek bones. Alex was more quiet and laid back…almost a shyness about him. He would smile and laugh with everyone, but he was quite happy just sitting there not saying anything. Alex was definitely not the type to get up and joke around or be the first to lead people into some sort of fun frenzy or high energy activity. He’d rather go with the flow or sit and watch. He too seemed to have a long-term, close connection with me. I felt very much at ease sitting next to him. Like this was my comfort zone.

At one point, Alex got up and walked out of the room. I stay for a bit watching Richard talk and laugh with our friends, making jokes and just having a blast. But, I decided to get up and look for Alex. I couldn’t find him, but the whistle blew to let everyone know they can enter the pool. I realized at that moment that I had forgotten my bathing suit. Feeling a little bummed I couldn’t join in the fun, I decided to just watch my friends in the pool. I was OK with this. I enjoy watching my friends have fun. Richard, of course kept trying to make the biggest splash with his cannonballs and general splashing about. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves doing the same or whatever they did to join in the fun. Most of the friends’ faces were not a focus in this dream, so no one was literally recognizable other than knowing these were my friends…except Richard and Alex.

The scene then changed after the pool. Read more


Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

The boys have been learning a lot about other countries in school. Cameron’s class recently discussed the population of China. I love it when he shares what he learns.

Cameron: Dad, did you know china has the most amount of people in the world? I bet the US is #2.

Dad: Nope. That would be India.

Cameron: What? How could it be India? A lot of them all moved here!


Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

So today Cameron was home from school with us because of a tummy problem. It is on the mend, but still, he’s not allowed back at school yet. So, we took him shopping. On our way out, he said something that was hard to hear, but the conversation that followed was a hoot!

Cameron: I want to buy a boy.
Me: You want to buy a boy? What about a girl?
Cameron: No, you’d have to get pregnant for one of those.
Me: So, you want to buy a boy and get pregnant with a girl?
Cameron: No, Both
Me: So, you want to get pregnant with boy and a girl?
Cameron: No! I can’t do that!
Me: I don’t think you can buy a boy or a girl.
Cameron: I can get one at the homeless shelter.

OMG! I love this kid!


Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

So last night, Daddy is about ready to tuck Kiefer in to bed when Kiefer had a very important question to ask his daddy.


Kiefer: How old do you have to be to join the boy scouts, and how big are the knives?


Should I be nervous?


So, I never mentioned this, but….

We got a new dog! I can’t believe I forgot to talk about it here! *slap my forehead* We thought long and hard about what kind of dog to get. Originally, I really wanted a Belgian Tervuren. They are basically long-haired shepherds. They are the lapdogs of shepherds. I searched around for one nearby, but there wasn’t any to be found. They are around I’m sure, but none advertised and I didn’t want to pay for shipping. I loved the idea of owning this breed, but I wasn’t going to go out of my way nor pay up the wazoo for one.

So…on to our next choice. A rough-coated collie. They are very family friendly, tall and long-haried. Perfect for me! I did like the idea of having a large dog. I was used to having a dog close to Sparky and Skye’s size, but to have a dog as tall as a collie would be awesome. This breed was among the very few that Jason was comfortable with. He’s normally not into very large sized dogs. So, I searched. I got an idea from a fellow rough collie owner in my neighborhood to look about an hour away. I found one! She didn’t breed show quality most of the time, but she had puppies that were just born on Jan 6, 2015 and available to be claimed. I looked on her site and found the only female she had listed. I wanted a female due to size and temperament. I also feel weird about the males’ drippy penises and accidentally peeing on walls and dangerous object around the house. Females at least pee squatting so a messy floor is not as bad to clean up. Anyhoo, there were other females in the liter, but they were not available to be sold at the time. I claimed the female available. She did not have a full collar, but that didn’t matter to me really. I was just looking for the right dog for our family. We all thought about what to name her. It came down to 3 choices, Tessa, Cody/Kody, or Sandy. Jason really didn’t like Tessa, I really didn’t like Sandy. We all liked Cody/Kody, but as you may be able to see, we could not agree on the spelling. So, back to the name list. The next name to consider was a hit. Mazzy. We all preferred using a Y instead of the IE ending, so that at least was not up for debate. Mazzy it is! (I wanted to upload a picture, but it’s not working and I’m too lazy to try to fix it. Maybe I’ll add it later.) Read more


The World is Collapsing Around Me!

So, I woke up this morning to another dream to remember. It’s been a while since I had a dream that I remembered, but that means I have to analyse it and figure out what it means. Here goes….

Dream: Jason and I are standing some place in a town. A small white dog, a poodle maybe(?) named Sohpia was with us. It’s almost as if she were always part of my family. Meanwhile, a sandstorm of some type comes whipping towards us dumping sand and wind our way. We need to run for cover. We find ourselves running into a city and into a building maybe 7 to 10 stories high. A man is inside and invites us up to his apartment for safety. The man appears kind enough and sincere so we follow him. He takes us to his room which is about 7 flights up.

We get comfortable and relax a bit. Suddenly there was a rumble outside. Buildings within our view were tumbling to the ground and falling in to water. We didn’t have time to run out of the building, so I opened the window and told everyone to get ready to swim out when we get close enough to the water. The building then started tumbling towards the water which is racing through the streets under us, and we jumped in and began to swim furiously to the side where there was ground. Me, Jason, and the man got to safety. We ended up walking on the streets among many other people who escaped from their buildings. Sophia was not with me. I called and called for her and she finally appeared. Someone else was holding on to her. She had to squirm out of this guy’s arms and run to me. Now we are all together and just searching for a safe place to be. Read more


Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

I was watching some funny cat videos on youtube with the boys. One of the videos were talking about cats and mentioned they are a type of animal. Cameron had something to say about that.

Cameron: What?! Cats are animals?

Me: Yes! Cats are a type of animal, just like dogs and even people.

Cameron: How can a cat be an animal when they are so clumsy?


Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

Cameron was in Sunday school yesterday and the teacher was talking about Jesus being a shepherd. She explained how shepherds watch over sheep which are notoriously dumb animals that don’t think for themselves, and are very hard to train. She showed the class a picture and asked a question.

Teacher: If Jesus is the shepherd. Who is the sheep?

Cameron: My brother!



Still No Match…

I know I mentioned before how I have my embryos up for adoption. I have seen three profiles and only one was a good match for us. We accepted the first couple, but they decided to try IVF again. I’m bummed for myself, but I am happy for them and their decision. I was where they are before I finally did get pregnant with my two boys, so I completely understand why they’d want to give it another try.

The second couple we didn’t feel comfortable with as they didn’t seem very confident in the open adoption (the agency only does open adoptions) agreement. They basically explained that if any child produced from my embryos wanted to meet us at or after the age of 16 or at any time, they were not comfortable with that (which we want to be allowed to happen if the child at 16 or older wants to meet us), but they were very willing to communicate through video, pictures, and mail which would have been fine with us before age 16 (we don’t require we see anyone after age 16, but it’s important to us the family is open to the possibility if their child wants to meet in person). Also, we weren’t that comfortable with the amount of credit they gave God to their decisions and life’s journey. ….TOO much! Read more