Coming Home…

One of the best things about owning dogs is coming home after work or school. What better way to be greeted then with two dogs who want nothing more than your love and affection….well the food part certainly does help.

I’ve had some tough times at my school. Nothing really bad, but the teacher we have on Tuesdays and Thursdays has at times dropped a surprise speech on our laps. Speeched scare me! I just make the speech because I have to now-a-days, but they used to scare the crap out of me. I am doing better though. That doesn’t mean I don’t dread the day it happens.

After that class, it’s usually somewhere between 9:30pm and 10:30pm. I call Jason on my way home and on occasion another friend just so I have a driving buddy. I get tired around that time and it helps to talk to someone. I enter my drive way, open my garage door, and park the car in the garage. I unlock my door and enter and immediately, there are two very happy faces fighting to get to me before I even step into the door. It’s the best feeling in the world to know you are loved that much! Read more


I Can’t Tape My Shows Anymore!

I respect sports, I really do. But why the hell does it have to cut into the shows that I tape? I watch specific shows and that I tape on TiVo. But on the nights that some sports program is on, it keeps pushing the shows following it off the normal recording time. So then I go upstairs all ready to watch my show that I usually watch religiously only to find that only half of it has been recorded! I back track on my TiVo listings and I find a football game that had played hours earlier has completely thrown the following TV shows of their regularly scheduled times! I don’t follow sports, so I have no idea when a game is supposed to be on. I only get to find out when I go sit my lazy ass down to watch my recorded show!! It’s on season pass so it’s not like I even pay much attention to when my shows are actually on.

It drives me crazy! Why do sports programs take so much more priority over other shows? What about the rest of the public that doesn’t watch sports? I couldn’t care less about football. I’ll go to games when my arm is twisted enough, but I only watch the cheerleaders. I find their dancing around much more entertaining than the actual game. But like I said, I respect the sports. I understand the concept of competitiveness and the all American way of entertainment and so on and so on, but why should I have to put aside my own fun so some sports fan (of which I’m clearly not) can enjoy his game? Read more


Health Insurance and My Big Decision!

Ok so for anyone who hasn’t read my 2003 post, I have multiple sclerosis. I was diagnosed after the loss of flexion in my right leg. I couldn’t walk for about 2 weeks and for a month after that, I had to use a cane. Now I’m perfectly fine and have not had any exacerbations or flare-ups of the MS since.

Moving to NC from NY in 2004 was one of the best decisions I could have made. It’s so much nicer here. The people are nicer here. The hospitals are nicer here, and the doctors are very good. The air is clean, and the temperature is just nicer for longer periods of time. I even grew an inch since I moved here and I’m 33 years old! I also think that since I’m so much more relaxed here, I have not had any problems with the MS either. I’m not saying nothing will ever show it’s ugly head, but for now, it seems my MS has gone into remission. Read more


My Adoption Story (very long)

I was adopted from a very early age…about 5 months. Given up around 4 months and handed over to my new parents at 5 months. I even went to meet my biological family. Boy was that a trip. I was in massage school at the time when I decided to go find out where I came from. I did not have any problems with my current family, but I was just curious. If anything, I just wanted to know if I had any medical concerns in the family that I’d have to be mindful of like diabetes or cancer or something like that. Well I knew the agency I was adopted through so I called them up and met with my agent. Jason was a wonderful support through all this. Just making the decision to actively look was scary to me!

I met the agent. She was very nice and knew a bit about my history. She was fairly young, so I’m assuming she read up on me when I called. She collected the medical history and some of the family history and anything else that she could find about my natural family and handed it over. It was a long history and not a very happy one from the information she gave me. My mother Lita had died of unknown causes when I was 11 years old (I have a weird story about that, but I’ll tell it later). She had a lot of medical problems from kidney infections to migraines. I apparently inherited the migraines. She also suffered from depression. I don’t have that at least. My birth father Bob was still alive and in good health. No other history about either side of my natural family was given. The information also explained that my mother’s sister and her mother were both considered for adopting me, but that fell through. I didn’t know any more than that. I also found out that I was ½ Russian, ¼ Greek, and ¼ Italian. The agent then asked if I was interested in meeting anyone if they wanted to be found. Sure, why not. I’m interested. This way I get to know not only my medical history but also my roots. Read more


Bad Day At Work

Well, it’s been a while since I posted so I might as well explain what’s been up. I have been having a pretty miserable time at work. My boss is on the rag, or could it be that he hasn’t taken a shit in over a month?…. I’m actually not sure ;). Anyway, his attitude towards me and my co-worker is just getting too much to handle. At first I thought maybe it was me, cause I so rarely trust bosses. I don’t have a problem with them at all, but they usually have some sort of misconception about me. I really do the best I can, and I don’t feel I get credit for that. My boss now just seems to snap out of no where for stupid reasons. Like writing a note that I switched the time for a client on the wrong page. I did however reschedule the client correctly and she came when she said she would. I tried to explain why I never moved the written note to the correct date but he hung up on me. NICE! right? Well I feel like I’m always apologizing for things and that rarely seems to be enough.

Just for background purposes. The boss owns the business but is never there. He expects us therapists to run the company not only for him, but in the way he would. But different scenarios occur and we can only do the best we can. …which isn’t good enough if it’s not in the manner he’d handle the situation. It’s not our job to run his business. We do get paid ok, but not to do clerical work. I’m a massage therapist, not a receptionist!

Bottom line, I’m sick of his PMS (Pissed Man Syndrome). He’s worse than a woman’s PMS sometimes (half joke). I just got a job through my friend and co-worker (THANK YOU, H!), so I’m going to quit the current job before I start getting sick over it…it’s already started. This is going to be interesting. I think my friend is planning on quitting with me. If she does, this is really going to hurt him. I don’t feel bad about it cause of the shit he’s pulled with us. The only thing I don’t like about this is that I’m not a vengeful person normally. I hate that I’m even thinking in that way. I hope this new one will be better. I already met the new boss and she seems much nicer. She also is a massage therapist herself which I think will help cause she has some understanding of what a massage therapist goes through during sessions as opposed to the current boss who is just a business owner. He doesn’t have a license to massage but only knows what he knows through books and getting a treatment himself every now and that. That certainly doesn’t make him an expert on massages and the massage career.

Well, next Monday, Nov 3, I start the new job. I’m looking forward to it. It pays less but I’d rather work in a pleasant environment with pleasant people than in a place with better pay and boss who desperately needs to get laid. Wish me luck on the new adventure!


Sign of Trouble

Well I’m back from the hospital as of Friday, Aug 15. What a trip! Food tasted like airplane food. Even the dietitian there agreed it’s not the greatest tasting stuff out there. For the most part, the nurses were really nice and helpful. However they were slow at times. Not that I was expecting some fast service, but when you need something and they take an hour to get to you, something is up. I wasn’t allowed to do anything without assistance including use of the bathroom….ugh how embarrassing. But, when my bladder is full, I’m not waiting around for any nurse to walk me to the bathroom door that was in the same small room as I was. They put stubborn down in my folder so the nurses would keep an eye on my whereabouts. I know I should wait for them, but it’s not like I’m going far. I’m short so falling isn’t a big deal either. I know they’d be liable for it if I hurt myself, so I was as patient as I could be about the bathroom and everything else.

The TV wasn’t working very well, it would shut off on me and change its own channels. It was new service but it wasn’t working so I got that for free! The phone service wasn’t working well either, but it was mainly cutting off when I was talking to Jason and no one else really. HOW RUDE! I guess I’m still waiting for a bill from that one.

All in all, it was quite pleasant. The bed was hard and hurt a bit but the days went by fast enough thanks to the many nice phone calls I got and the tests I had to endure. Getting phone calls during the hospital stay I think was the best part. I loved hearing from friends and family and the visits were also special to me. It gets so lonely and boring there without the company. The TV is great for night time and to help keep familiar sounds around when trying to sleep. I’d highly recommend TV service if you ever have to stay at a hospital. It does get expensive, but you won’t regret it if you spent the little extra for some comforts. Even the fact that they would give you a menu to choose your food from was a nice touch. gives you a choice of what to eat instead of only getting what they give. I never had Jello once there! Read more


Hello World!

Hello everyone! World, Earth inhabitants, beings, atmosphere recyclers, etc… This is my blog, journal, online diary for all to see, what have you. I figure I’ll just introduce myself a bit. I’m a little strange, if you haven’t already noticed. I also am not used to writing stuff about my life out for all to see, but I figured, if I’m going to be a future homicidal maniac, I might as well poison your minds with my random thoughts. Trust me, it’s enough to kill you. I don’t need any sharp or blunt objects to do the trick. Just listening to me babble is enough to make you want to stick toothpicks in your eyes and spoon your own guts out.

Ok ok, it’s not THAT bad. I do, however, like to talk A LOT about absolutely nothing. Why not just translate my random ramblings online for all to see. You are of course welcome to share the space with me. I like company.

Well there’s a little piece of the mysterious person that started this site. Please read at your own risk. I will not be held responsible for any damages and injuries acquired while reading my entries.