Last night, Jason and I were driving out to eat as we sometimes do when we get too lazy to make something at home. We were just passing our local grocery store when I saw a family of deer on the grassy area near by the food store. I saw a silhouette of the largest of the four dear standing looking at me cautiously as I drove closer to it. My guess is he wasn’t sure if he could cross, but I slowed down since you just never know what deer are thinking. I slowed down enough to stop immediately if I had to, but off in the distance and around the corner, I saw the lights of another car coming towards me at a fast pace. All I could think of was, “Oh No!” In fact, I think I said it out loud. My hubby sitting next to me didn’t realize what I saw nor said, but looked ahead just as the car was speeding around the corner. I knew it was going to happen. The big dear decided to cross. I don’t know if it saw the other car, or it just didn’t realize it was that close nor that fast. I couldn’t believe my eyes! The car smacked the side of the deer, spinning the deer around in a circle flipping him off to the side and in front of me. I stopped as I watched the poor thing stumble his way to the side of the road. Hy hubby and I were in total shock as the car that hit him drove off slowly and the deer was struggling to get up. Luckily, the deer did eventually get up and although a bit weak, he did manage to get up on all fours and continue into the forest after the rest of his family made it’s way across the street into the forest. Jason got out of the car to watch and see if the other car was going to turn around. Sure enough, he did and can back behind us. Apparently, he was more worried if the deer hit us too since we were not moving much at all. He only noticed some fur on his car, but didn’t seem all that concerned about the deer. Read more


Vaccinations Can Kiss My A**!

I was required to get my MMR vaccinations for school. But at the time, I was pregnant and my doctor told me I cannot get that vaccination while I was pregnant, so she wrote a note for me to give to the appropriate people at my school, so I’d be excused from having to take that vaccination. The school told me that was all they needed and I should be fine now.

Well, every month since that note in Nov/Dec(?), they have been keeping me from getting my schedule for the following term. I have reminded them of the situation and they let me continue school. Yet again, this term they put a hold on my account so I could not get my next term’s schedule because I needed that vaccination. I had a miscarriage about 2 months ago. They didn’t know that. They should have been under the impression that I was still pregnant, but whatever!! I called my doctor to confirm the information she had originally given me. One of the nurses answered and said at first, I was correct, you cannot get pregnant within 3 months after taking the MMR vaccine. But then she was corrected by another doctor that I only have to worry about 1 month. After 28 days, I’m fine to get pregnant again. Ok no problem. I can deal with that. At the earlest, I’ll be starting IVF in the next week or two. That includes all the tests but I don’t know how long that takes. So I was concerned with that, but I can handle a one month abstinence. I made an appointment withe the Human Services to get the MMR vaccine and the nurse there confirmed that I only need to wait 1 month. Great! I got the vaccine and went on my way to the school to give them their precious vaccine. As I’m sitting in the waiting room of the administrator’s office, I see set 1 of 2. WHAT!?! What on earth does that mean. The woman comes back into the room and I asked her, what does that mean? She said after this month, I need to get another one. She said the only vaccine you don’t need to take in sets are the varicella and the tetanus shot. How was I supposed to know that? She said I was told at the beginning of the school registration that I needed that vaccine. I told her that that wasn’t the point. I was fully aware of that but I was pregnant at the time as the note she is still carrying stated that. I couldn’t get the vaccine at that time. I may not be pregnant at this time but I’m supposed to get an IVF soon, and I would not have done this vaccine had I known I still had to wait 2 months anyhow! After some arguing continued, she admitted that she assumed I’d know this and figured so did the other practitioners. OY VEI! Read more


Sound Effects On the Radio

One of the most frustrating things about driving with the radio on is the damn emergency vehicle and general traffic sound effects that they play. I mean, I’d be driving and listening to the morning show on one of the radio stations, and I’d hear an ambulance approaching. I’d start to slow down and look around for an ambulance, but there isn’t any. Talk about a really bad annoyance for other drivers! Not that I slow down much, but I do just in case and out of habit.

I’ve heard the radio play car alarms, cars beeping, car crashes, cars speeding, ambulances, fire trucks, and police sirens during their morning shows, commercials, and even in the music. Those traffic sounds and emergency sirens really should be illegal to play on the radio. One of these days, someone is going to react to the sound effects thinking there is a real incident occurring around them and get seriously hurt or even hurt someone else.


Another UTI!

It’s like Deja Vu with UTIs. Ever since Thanksgiving 2005 I’ve had now 4 maybe 5 UTIs. One was with a pregnancy, one was after a miscarriage and the others were during possible pregnancies that never happened including this time. It is soooo frustrating. I worry so much now that every time I pee, if I feel any slight pressure in the area, I think it’s another UTI. This time just happened to be true. I think the last one was about two months ago. The pharmacists are already starting to remember me and the meds I generally require.

Now, I gotta call my doctor tomorrow. She’s going to want to send me to a urologist. I also have a math final and a math quiz tomorrow so I don’t want to miss that. It’ll be my last day of classes for this term. I don’t want to miss that! Besides, I like math. Read more


I Can’t Tape My Shows Anymore!

I respect sports, I really do. But why the hell does it have to cut into the shows that I tape? I watch specific shows and that I tape on TiVo. But on the nights that some sports program is on, it keeps pushing the shows following it off the normal recording time. So then I go upstairs all ready to watch my show that I usually watch religiously only to find that only half of it has been recorded! I back track on my TiVo listings and I find a football game that had played hours earlier has completely thrown the following TV shows of their regularly scheduled times! I don’t follow sports, so I have no idea when a game is supposed to be on. I only get to find out when I go sit my lazy ass down to watch my recorded show!! It’s on season pass so it’s not like I even pay much attention to when my shows are actually on.

It drives me crazy! Why do sports programs take so much more priority over other shows? What about the rest of the public that doesn’t watch sports? I couldn’t care less about football. I’ll go to games when my arm is twisted enough, but I only watch the cheerleaders. I find their dancing around much more entertaining than the actual game. But like I said, I respect the sports. I understand the concept of competitiveness and the all American way of entertainment and so on and so on, but why should I have to put aside my own fun so some sports fan (of which I’m clearly not) can enjoy his game? Read more


Health Insurance and My Big Decision!

Ok so for anyone who hasn’t read my 2003 post, I have multiple sclerosis. I was diagnosed after the loss of flexion in my right leg. I couldn’t walk for about 2 weeks and for a month after that, I had to use a cane. Now I’m perfectly fine and have not had any exacerbations or flare-ups of the MS since.

Moving to NC from NY in 2004 was one of the best decisions I could have made. It’s so much nicer here. The people are nicer here. The hospitals are nicer here, and the doctors are very good. The air is clean, and the temperature is just nicer for longer periods of time. I even grew an inch since I moved here and I’m 33 years old! I also think that since I’m so much more relaxed here, I have not had any problems with the MS either. I’m not saying nothing will ever show it’s ugly head, but for now, it seems my MS has gone into remission. Read more