MS ….and I don’t mean the title name

It’s been a long time since I’ve talked about my MS. I have been through enough to put you to sleep, so I’ll try to keep this short. Yeah right? I find that’s impossible to do for me, but I’ll give it a shot. I’m up for the challenge!


When I was first diagnosed with MS, I was put on Copaxone. It’s the only synthetic multiple sclerosis drug. It hurt like hell too! The most frustrating thing about this drug for me was how I reacted on it. I had to give myself a shot every day in specific areas on my body. It was a subcutaneous shot so it’s given just under the skin. Doesn’t sound too bad, but it was very frustrating with the ice packs and the lumps that would occur afterwards. I was told by both the nurse and my doctor not to give myself a shot in areas that was hardened or lumpy. I’d have to only give the shot in areas unaffected, but only the areas allowed by the drug. Well, after a few weeks of taking the shot, ALL areas were hardened with a big 2-1/2″ lump! So I’d have to skip the shot that day. I told my doctor this and I don’t think she believed me. She’d only write down that I’m inconsistent with taking my shots as I’d complain about them often. Who wouldn’t? If you had to give yourself a shot every day, you’d start feeling like a pin cushion too! So, eventually I got sick of not being able to take these dreadful shots due to my lumps. I started to “forget” to take them. I didn’t really have much of a choice as I was very limited on where I could give the shots anyhow. So, Now in North Carolina, I continued my attempts with Copaxone. They just weren’t getting any easier and my skin irritations were not letting up. Read more


Baby Update… They’re Coming!

Well, the time has come. They were scheduled to arrive this coming Tuesday on June 24. What a nice day to arrive! Hopefully it won’t be too hot. It’s two days before my Aunt’s birthday, it is in the middle of the year so both of them won’t have to share birthdays with major gift giving holidays like Christmas, it’ll be warm out so they can have outside parties sometimes and most things are open at this time, and school is usually out at this time so they can celebrate the end of school with their birthdays. I am really looking forward to meeting them and welcoming them home. Read more


My Latest Appointment

Oh my GOD! These babies are growing and growing and growing. I had my baby shower (I think I posted about that before…), and everyone was telling me that a baby’s growth will slow down around this time. Now, I felt that these babies had not slowed down, but I was thinking that maybe they were right. NOT!!! I was right. They grew over 2 lbs each since the last ultrasound! Last time Cameron was 3 lbs 3 oz, this time he’s 5 lbs 12 oz! HOLY CRAP! He’s getting so big! Kiefer was 3 lbs even last time, Now he’s 5 lbs 6 oz. HOLY CANNOLI! He’s a big fella!

I can’t believe they are not ready to come out at this point. Next week, I have another doctor’s appointment and an NST with an API. The NST is to listen in and make sure they are not stressing out and are doing ok. The API is a visualization to do a brief growth estimate to determine when they may have to come out. I’m seeing my doctor regardless since I had made that appointment before knowing about the NST/API requirements. I’m going to be doing the NSTs and APIs every week until I pop. I also have a follow-up ultrasound in three weeks. I’ll be really surprised if I last that long to me honest with you. Read more


What’s Going On…

I know, it’s been a while. A couple of milestones have passed and I haven’t even written about them. I’ve been so MIA lately, I apologize!

Hmm, so let’s start by saying. I love the new car! We bought it about a month ago and it’s been doing so well! It’s like a ultimate geek car. it may not be suitable for George Jetson, but it’s got it’s major pluses. I love seeing how much mileage we are able to save and if we can beat it every time we drive. It is definitely a very handy took when trying to save some money and gas mileage with the prices going up lately. I know, it’s an SUV so the gas savings aren’t as good as let’s say a Camry hybrid or Prius, but it’s the best out there for an SUV and it’s practical for us because of the upcoming family needs and the two dogs. We needed the space AND the gas savings. We are definitely not disappointed with our choice.

April 20th was a new milestone for me. Know what it was? The first day of my third trimester!!! That’s right!! I finally made it! I can’t believe it. Now it’s time for back aches, hip softening, and leg cramps. OY! I’ve gotten mine with a vengeance. Can you believe it? The boys switched positions. Kiefer is usually on teh right side, but has switched to the left side and Cameron is now on the right side. Both are still head down though, which is good! The not so good part is somehow, their new position has caused my pelvic bone to twist causing incredible pains in my left leg. For a while it was only the sciatica in my right foot. Now that’s nothing compared to the pain in my left thigh! Read more


My Dentist Appointment

Nothing really exciting going on. My teeth are doing really well. I was there briefly last week before I got sent home for a bad tummy ache, but the hygienist was able to check my gums. She thought I had a little pregnancy gingivitis going on and marked it down. I did make sure I focused on those areas before coming back this week for the hygienist to finish up. She couldn’t find a thing wrong with my teeth! YAY!!! So that’s doing well.

It was kind of funny though. I go there and a woman had just signed in for a dentist appointment and she had twin girls a couple of years ago. The receptionist there just told her I was having twin boys (they love to talk at that place). She went on about a twin mom’s group in the area that I could join that she was a part of. Unfortunately, it’s a little far for me and I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to fit behind the wheel of my car anyhow. Read more


My BIG Ultrasound

Today was a big day for me! Let’s start with the ultrsound.

I got to Duke right on time. I was ready to go. Me and my hubby got taken back in to the main ultrasound room and I was told to lay on the table  with my shirt up and my pants pulled somewhat down. I was already getting excited. I wanted to know so badly what their genders are. I was almost praying, “Gimme a girl! I hope we have a girl!” I mean, we already have a name picked out and thoughts of how it would be to have a girl or two. We want a boy, but also a girl.

So, the ultrasound tech starts with Baby. She went ahead and asked did we want to see their genders. I of course answered calmly (thought felt like jumping with excitement at the thought), “Yes please.” …teehee, I’m so polite. She decided to just go straight for the hotdog search. Low and behold, Baby A was sitting there spread eagle exposing his boy parts for all to see. There was no denying what we saw!!! Oh my! That was awesome! We got ourselves a baby boy! The tech continued on to do the rest of the measurements. Baby A was pretty cooperative and let her see just about everything she needed to. Apparently though, the spine was still too small to count the individual vertebrae and the heart was not a good size for them to measure. I hope there’s nothing wrong, but it looked good on the screen! Read more


I Made It!

This is officially the beginning of my second trimester! So, you know what I did…besides congratulate my hubby? I listened in with my Doppler. I heard both babies kicking, and for the first time, I heard both heart beats! Baby A was at 155 and Baby B was at 146. Can you believe that? Of course their heart rates were all over the place, but I saw those numbers more often so that’s the average of the moments for them. Baby B sits on top of Baby A so it’s easy to distinguish between them now.

I just can’t wait for my February 14th ultrasound appointment. That’s the big appointment where they look over the anatomy of each baby and even determine the gender if the babies cooperate. I hope they do. I really want to know!  Read more


What has 4 arms, 4 legs, and dances the mambo?

Two 11 1/2 week old babies! It was awesome! Thursday, I went in to meat my OB doctor for the first time. Of course, I had to leave a urine sample as I will have to do every time I go there from now on, but I couldn’t. I actually had to do #2 and that wasn’t easy! Damn constipation!! Well, I managed to do everything after much …um …”personal insistence” on getting that job completed. Each time I had to use the bathroom, the doctor would come in and want to start the appointment. It was so irritating! She wanted to do the ultrasound almost immediately too which is what I wanted to see SO badly!

Well, finally I settled down and she asked me to lay down on the table and loosen my pants. I never had an external ultrasound before so this was a whole new experience for me. She asked me about my MS and how they found out. I decided to tell her from when I first started having my experiences from 2000 up to 2003. Read more


My Ultrasound Results

Can you believe it!? Not only am I pregnant still, but I have twins! OOO this is so exciting! Well, I must admit I’m nervous and there’s a lot to be concerned about. I never thought I’d like the idea of having twins, but I do. I still do!

I am at about 7 wks 5 days at this point. Baby A is measuring at 7 weeks 5 days with a heart rate of 156. Baby B is measuring at 7 weeks 4 days with a heart rate of 150. This is the furthest I’ve ever been! Not to mention the first time I’ve ever had a pregnancy show the fetus at the same age as my actual pregnancy date. So far I’m due July 20. I am also dropped from the office I was at. I was a little disappointed about that. I really liked it there, but they are not an OB/GYN office. They are a reproductive endocrinology office and do not monitor pregnancies….just make them happen! Read more


My Upcoming Ultrasound Jitters

I’m so nervous. With my history of late ultrasound giving me bad news, I can’t help but worry about what I’m going to find this time on my Friday the 7th appointment.

I can’t believe it’s coming up! I’m really looking forward to it. The days do seem to go by really slow which is driving me crazy! You’d think work and daily naps would help the days go by faster, but it’s not making any difference.

Even thought I am worried about what I’m going to see in the ultrasound, I’m excited about it too. Lots of questions will be answered like; Are any of the transfered embryos viable? Do I have twins or am I having one baby? If I am having twins still, how healthy are they? Are the heartbeats going strong? Are they kicking? I also want to know if I’m considered high risk or can I assume this pregnancy is so far good as any healthy pregnancy? Do I have limitations if I’m having twins? How soon could I expect to be noticing a difference in my appearance…assuming I don’t gain the weight other than baby weight? How much weight should I expect to gain keeping my weight in mind when talking about this? When do I find my own OB/GYN? OOO the questions I have. I’m going to drive someone there bonkers with all the questions streaming through my head. Read more