Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

The boys have been learning a lot about other countries in school. Cameron’s class recently discussed the population of China. I love it when he shares what he learns.

Cameron: Dad, did you know china has the most amount of people in the world? I bet the US is #2.

Dad: Nope. That would be India.

Cameron: What? How could it be India? A lot of them all moved here!


Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

So today Cameron was home from school with us because of a tummy problem. It is on the mend, but still, he’s not allowed back at school yet. So, we took him shopping. On our way out, he said something that was hard to hear, but the conversation that followed was a hoot!

Cameron: I want to buy a boy.
Me: You want to buy a boy? What about a girl?
Cameron: No, you’d have to get pregnant for one of those.
Me: So, you want to buy a boy and get pregnant with a girl?
Cameron: No, Both
Me: So, you want to get pregnant with boy and a girl?
Cameron: No! I can’t do that!
Me: I don’t think you can buy a boy or a girl.
Cameron: I can get one at the homeless shelter.

OMG! I love this kid!


Is this a milestone?

My gosh Kiefer is growing up! Well, he IS technically getting taller, but he has gained a bunch of firsts and impressive actions. And Cameron! WHOA! I’m getting whiplash!

Let’s start by saying, they are doing great with their skating. Rollerblading is fun and a great exercise for them. However, I will say it’s getting hard for them wince Cameron doesn’t seem to think he can skate well and Kiefer doesn’t want to change the way he already is skating which is having his skates be very far apart making is hard to keep his balance. When the teacher gets Cameron’s attention, he does it right, but as long as he doesn’t believe in himself, he reverts back to doing it incorrectly. Well, it’s a struggle, but in the long run, they do like it. I’m nervous about getting my own skates. My ankles have a hard time with the skating and I’m not convinced they will be doing this for a long time. Meanwhile, skating isn’t going to be going on after this lesson is done. I’m fine with continuing it, but after a little break. Maybe we’ll get on to gymnastics or a different sport or activity. I might let them decide on this one. We’ll see…. Read more


The day of firsts!

Today, Kiefer decided he was going to tie his own shoe laces. He was getting close, but had a hard time. He asked for my help, so I showed him the three ways I know how to tie a shoelace. He and I chose the simplest one (tying the bunny ears). I showed him 2 times, and he got it! He was so proud of himself. He showed it to his daddy and then decided to try to teach his brother, Cameron. I sat here listening to him try to teach Cameron by showing him the way I did (tying the bunny ears). Cameron was not as motivated, but he did try to understand what Kiefer was trying to teach him. He really wanted to teach Cameron himself, so he turned down any offers for me to help, which I did towards the end, but Cameron only required some bubble gum. So, that was the end of the shoelace tying attempts from Cameron, but Kiefer did continue to practice on his own. I’m so proud of him!

So, later today, we went bike riding in the park without the training wheels. It was an unusually warm day this Winter, we were definitely going to take advantage of it. Read more


Sleep Pee

Cameron has a new habit. I am aware that he has night terrors and he used to wet the bed pretty often. Now he uses the bathroom. GASP! What kid in his right mind would use the bathroom to potty? I mean he uses the bathroom, not necessarily the toilet. Well, he uses the toilet, but that doesn’t mean what he’s putting in it lands in the toilet. That’s right. EWWW! Most of the time, he does manage to get his pee inside the toilet, but often there will be pee in, on, and around the toilet. At least he got some in the toilet. There have been times that he forgot to open the lid and pee has ended up on and around the toilet, but nothing in the toilet.  Read more


No Swimming, Make Pie!

What a bummer. I was hoping to go swimming with my boys. Yesterday, Cameron hurt his finger and it hurt him through the night. I was afraid he wouldn’t be able to swim today. We were supposed to go swimming with my aunt which we haven’t done in a while. Luckily, she lives close by, so cancelling wasn’t a big deal. What a shame though. It would have been fun and it would have gotten them out of the house. Cameron’s finger at least isn’t swollen, so I know it’s not broken. He took off the splint I made him with a gauze bandage last night and told me he felt better. His finger still hurt, but he could bend it at least. I’m glad we didn’t go since it probably would have bothered him more and we’d have to cut the swimming short anyways.


So today has been filled with many ways to rot their brains from XBox games to TV watching and playing computer games. At least some of the games were educational, but I still think I hear liquefied brain sloshing around in their heads as they walk. I will say that I am impressed with how well they get around some of those video games. Read more


The Boys’ First Day of Kindergarten

DSC_0004t Well, the boys finally made it to Kindergarten! They did very well on their first day Thursday, July 11. It was a full day of school, but not with the full class. We drove them to school and walked them in to class. There was a sign-in sheet to include our names and emergency contact information for that day. The boys got a name tag each and found a seat. Their bags went in to a cubby and school supplies on the floor. Immediately, Cameron found a seat. Kiefer needed a little persuading, but he found a seat in front of Cameron and started to draw. They got to meet all four teachers (2 teachers and their assistants). They got to meet a few of their potential classmates since that was only part of the assessment week when the teachers get to meet each student, talk to them and assess what level they are at, and then determine which student will be in either class. They are aware that I requested our boys be in separate classes and I think that is preferred in schools anyways so I’m not concerned they are going to be in the same class.

I asked them how they felt about the teachers. I didn’t get a clear answer. I’m not sure how to take that since before they met their teachers, Cameron was certain he would want Ms. M., because she posted a picture of herself on her profile on the school’s website. Kiefer didn’t seem to care either way. I got to meet the head of the cafeteria. She was very nice. I mention her because we got to talking about my boys’ teachers and she among just about everyone else I’ve spoken to say some really high remarks about Ms. B., the other track 2 teacher one of the boys will get as a teacher. No one seems to know much about Ms. M. other than that she’s new and no one has any complaints about her and that she seems very nice. That’s a good thing. I met her and she really does seem very nice! Read more


Trip to Florida

This past weekend was the second time my boys have been to visit their grandma. This would be the first time they have been on a place and really be able to experience all it’s wonders. The first time, they were a little too young to truly remember the experience, but even then, they did seem to enjoy the adventure.


The car ride to the airport was a pleasant one with the boys filled with wonder about the upcoming events. The airport was not too bad. Getting through the ticket booth area was good. They had plenty of questions for the person behind the desk. Once we got to the security, the boys started to get a little restless. Can you blame them? No one likes to wait on a line. Finally after about 10 minutes or so, it was our turn. We rounded up the wild kids and they sent us through the regular machine. Good choice. What 4 year old is going to stand still in a big machine with their hands up to be scanned?  They don’t mind the regular machine. Just walk through and all’s done. We got our shoes on and continued to the terminal. Getting to the terminal was more of a pain. The boys just wanted to look everywhere! We went to our regular place to eat food. The boys whined about eating there, but there wasn’t any other place they could eat. They mostly ate their food.  Read more


What a Weekend!

This weekend was by far one of the busiest weekends we’ve ever had! Let’s see…



Jason and I went to Laurel Park elementary school to discuss the possibility of moving to a different track. The person we talked to reassured us that the track we chose will have two classes at least for the first few hears out boys are in school. However, we needed to get proof of the therapies our boys have been receiving during preschool (speech therapy and occupational therapy), so they can continue the therapy during kindergarten. I had to find out when they first started and then the more recent start to a second round of therapies are so the therapists at Laurel Park will have an idea of the progress my boys are making and what sort of help they need. I also need to write up and explanation of why they are in therapy. Alright no big deal. It was kind of nice going to that school again. It’s a big reminder of what sort of school we can look forward to our boys going to.


After a good day at preschool, we picked Cameron and Kiefer up at school. They both had good days so we were very happy about that. That night was a parent’s night out for them at the school which we were really looking forward to. They got dropped off at school at 6pm. We went off to dinner and a movie. Read more


Oh, The Funny Things They Do!

My boys had a playdate today with a friend from their last school. For a few days, Kiefer was asking what his friend’s favorite color was. So, I asked her mother through email. About every 15 minutes or so since I emailed her, he’d ask if she answered yet. Finally after about a day, she answered. His friend’s favorite color is blue. I didn’t think anything of it, but then today, just before it was time to go on this playdate, Kiefer insisted he’d find something to wear that was blue because it was his friend’s favorite color and wanted to show it to her. For a 4-1/2 year old, that was very thoughtful and quite adorable he thought that far ahead on how to make his friend feel special.


That just made me feel so proud!