Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

So last night, Daddy is about ready to tuck Kiefer in to bed when Kiefer had a very important question to ask his daddy.


Kiefer: How old do you have to be to join the boy scouts, and how big are the knives?


Should I be nervous?


Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

The boys were having a little discussion in the loft today about Katy Perry. I caught a funny moment.


Cameron (looking at pictures of Katy Perry online): That’s Katy Perry!

Kiefer: That’s Katy Perry? Is Katy Perry dead?

Cameron: No, she’s a girl. Katy Perry is not dead.


The conversation went on for a while. Cameron is a huge fan and wanted to explain all he knows about Katy Perry to Kiefer who seems unusually interested in this female singer (he usually only likes male singers).


Adoption Decisions

As I have posted in the past….a long time ago, I and my husband had gone through the IVF treatment in order to get the family we so desired. We got the family we wanted. We LOVE our boys!

I thought I signed a form telling the fertility center where I had the IVF done to donate them if I don’t use them within 2 years. Apparently, this was forgotten because last year (5 years after the birth of our boys), I was contacted by the fertility center asking me what I wanted to do with them or I’d have to pay for storage. There were options for me to consider.

  1. Destroy them
  2. Destroy some of them and store the rest
  3. Donate them to science
  4. Continue to store them for later use
  5. Embryo donation
  6. Embryo adoption.

I didn’t want to just destroy them. I worked too hard to get them, I’d hate to just throw them away. What a waste (to me, not meaning to put anyone else’s personal feelings down)! I also didn’t see the point in destroying some and then still having to pay for the storage or make a different decision for the rest.

I considered giving them to science. If I were to destroy them, why not at least do something good with them.

I didn’t want to store them anymore, because I know I won’t be using them again. I’m complete with the two boys I have now. My husband is also satisfied and no longer wants any more kids. Read more


It’s been……since forever!

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. I have been super super busy. More than i every thought I’d be!

Four and a half months later, here I am finally posting. I had written a birth story on a site I frequent so I just copied that for here. I hope you enjoy it!

This was written about my June 24, 2008 experience in the hospital on my babies’ birth days.

“Well, Tuesday arrived and my mother, my hubby, and my excited self made our way to the hospital. I was soooo looking forward to that day, I was really surprised I even slept the night before. I get there and they take my blood and set me up on the NST. That seemed to take forever!!! The boys were having a ball in there so it was hard to get a good reading. Not to mention I was contracting!!! I wasn’t in labor though…it was just the position they had me in. Well eventually I got my amnio and their lungs were definitely ready. Their cut-off number is 50 and they boys were at 87 maturity! WOOHOO. Now it was time to decide on c/s or induction. Cameron was head down but Kiefer was diagonal with his head at Cameron’s waist. He’d probably go head down at birth, but I was too afraid of him changing his mind. I just couldn’t bare the idea of both vaginal or c/s, so I guess I wussed out and went for the c/s. Everyone was telling me that was the better choice. I’m happy I decided something and that was all I could do. I wanted these boys out and any way they did it was fine by me at this point.

They hooked me up to a spinal epidural which took a long time since I have a high tolerance for pain meds…owie!!! The c/s itself was SOOOOO weird feeling a lot of pressure and hard to breathe. They sent in my hubby and he looked scared to death watching me having to force myself to breathe, but he was so comforting to have there. Well, I could hear the doctor was having trouble getting Cameron out (he was first even with the c/s) so he had to use forceps and the same with Kiefer. Stubborn boys didn’t want to leave home! They showed them to me as they came out. I was crying they were so beautiful, and I was so relieved they were ok!! Read more


Big purchases for the adults

Well, we’ve been thinking about his for a while now and it seems the car we have is just not cutting it. It’s a big car and it’d fit just fine as far as family goes, but with the gas prices going up and the car running at about 13 +/- mpg because it’s a V8 is just eating a hole in our finances. Well, it appears that getting a new car is the best thing to do.

We’ve been considering one that says no lower than 17-18 mpg for city driving (mainly 18), but it is hard to find a car that is big enough to fit two medium-large dogs, two children and two adults that has such a low mileage record. The Toyota Highlander is a good car and the only one that allows us to be spoiled and is priced in our range. Read more



Last night, Jason and I were driving out to eat as we sometimes do when we get too lazy to make something at home. We were just passing our local grocery store when I saw a family of deer on the grassy area near by the food store. I saw a silhouette of the largest of the four dear standing looking at me cautiously as I drove closer to it. My guess is he wasn’t sure if he could cross, but I slowed down since you just never know what deer are thinking. I slowed down enough to stop immediately if I had to, but off in the distance and around the corner, I saw the lights of another car coming towards me at a fast pace. All I could think of was, “Oh No!” In fact, I think I said it out loud. My hubby sitting next to me didn’t realize what I saw nor said, but looked ahead just as the car was speeding around the corner. I knew it was going to happen. The big dear decided to cross. I don’t know if it saw the other car, or it just didn’t realize it was that close nor that fast. I couldn’t believe my eyes! The car smacked the side of the deer, spinning the deer around in a circle flipping him off to the side and in front of me. I stopped as I watched the poor thing stumble his way to the side of the road. Hy hubby and I were in total shock as the car that hit him drove off slowly and the deer was struggling to get up. Luckily, the deer did eventually get up and although a bit weak, he did manage to get up on all fours and continue into the forest after the rest of his family made it’s way across the street into the forest. Jason got out of the car to watch and see if the other car was going to turn around. Sure enough, he did and can back behind us. Apparently, he was more worried if the deer hit us too since we were not moving much at all. He only noticed some fur on his car, but didn’t seem all that concerned about the deer. Read more


I just saw Disturbia

I was actually kind of impressed with the movie. Basically, it starts off showing a very happy father and son fishing and having a great time laughing and joking around. They both obviously have a good relationship with the mom at home and everything seems perfect until they get into a fatal accident that killed the boy’s father. I found that very sad. You then understand why he’s really unhappy even a year later. He’s not known as a good kid among the teachers at this point it seems. One teacher starts to give him a hard time for not doing his homework. The teacher even made the mistake of rhetorically asking the boy what would his father think of him not doing his homework causing the boy to punch the teacher in the face. Honestly, I think the teacher deserved it. He was put on house arrest for 3 months. This is where the movie really starts. I’m not going to give away anything, but let’s just say the kid had nothing to do. His mother, who has been taking everything pretty hard, took away a few necessities for this boy to remain at least somewhat entertained, such as his xbox and itunes account, and she cut the cable cord in his room out of anger. He had a lot of time on his hands to watch the neighborhood. He ends up suspicious about the activities of one of his neighbors played by David Morse. He is definitely a creepy guy. Let’s just say, the boy sees things no one wants to believe.

It’s a good movie and I would recommend it.


I just don’t get it

I see it so often around here. People leave their dogs off the leash wandering on the streets. It’s one thing if it’s a stray dog. Then you understand why they are wandering like they do, but when you see a color and generally clean looking dog wandering around on busy roads, I get to wondering why these people even have a dog.

I just don’t get it! If you buy a dog, don’t you want to add it to your family? If you want a guard dog, then you treat it like a guard dog. You have a fence and a sign of some sorts. But to let a non-protective dog wander around risking it’s life, what kind of person approves of that? They say dogs are stinky…then bathe it. They say dogs rip up the furniture…then train it. They say dogs get sick….take it to the vets for check-ups to avoid the heavy bills. They say dogs potty in the house…again, train it. They say dogs are expensive…can’t afford to take care of it, then don’t buy one. They say their kid promised to take care of it…when was the last time a little child actually took responsibility for a dog and all of its care? They say a dog sheds…then brush it. They say a dog barks too much…again. TRAIN IT! Dogs want to be loved and to be part of a family. That’s how they are. They are like adopting little children. they count on their new owners to care for it. Leaving the dog outside is not the proper way to care for a dog! Just because you have a house outside made for the dog does not give it what it needs. Sure it can survive with water, food, and shelter from the cold and wet days, but how is it going to understand how to behave when children are around? How is it going to know how special he or she is because they get the occasional attention from someone in the household when they get fed? Read more


Robotripping Grows in 9-17 Age Group

Misty Fetko, a mother of two teenagers, got up early to walk the dog before she roused her boys from bed one summer day in 2003. Her eldest, Carl, a gifted guitar player and award-winning artist at his Ohio high school, never woke up.

“His friends told me his smile made their day,” Fetko said of her 18-year-old, who had just been accepted to Memphis College of Art.

In the past, she had found empty bottles of Robitussin in their suburban New Albany home, but she had no idea Carl had a 2½ year drug habit. Fetko’s skills as an emergency room nurse were of no use when she entered Carl’s bedroom and administered CPR. She discovered he had died in his sleep of an accidental overdose of the cough syrup Robitussin.

“There were no other signs,” said Fetko, who since then has helped others as a spokeswoman for the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. “I think Carl and his friends were under the impression that it was harmless because it was not illegal. There is a false sense of security, and it’s so subtle: no smell, no needles, no drug dealers, you don’t need a lot of money to buy it and you can use it after mom and dad go to bed.” Read more