A Baby Update

It’s 2:30am on Feb 1, and I sit here watching my sick baby Kiefer, who has a cold, and holding a sock that Cameron recently wore thinking about everything that we’ve all been through for the past 7 months. Things have certainly gone by so fast. I mean, they are already 7 months! Where has the time gone? They are wearing size 4 diapers and are approaching 19-20 lbs! They are only big enough to wear size 3 diapers, but pee like they need size 4…so they get the size 4 diapers or they leak leak leak!

Well, part of the growing up comes with some difficulties. They don’t sleep as easily as they did when they first learned they could sleep through the night. Cameron wakes up needing his paci a lot and even a drink in the middle of the night. I know, I know, tis the time for developmental growth and with that comes restless sleep. But for 2 months now, Cameron just hasn’t gotten a great night’s sleep, ‘cept on a rare occasion. So , now between 1am and 3am, Cameron will wake up wanting his bottle. I must confess something though. I hate that I have to wake up, but to see his beautiful face and be able to look at him, watching him drink, I feel like I get to have a special moment with him. One time, he slept through the night, and I actually missed that moment we have been sharing. He was the fussy baby as a newborn, but now, he’s such a happy boy. I’ll admit, getting him to bed was difficult. He’d cry and cry and cry. We had to just let him cry it out. After about 1 1/2 weeks, he started to calm down and not cry so much when we put him to bed for either a nap or bedtime. It’s gotten so much easier to get him to rest, and he’s a much happier baby through the day now that he’s willing to nap. Read more


My Weird Dream

The other morning, I woke up to a very strange dream. It was one of those analyze me dreams that stick around until I figure it out. Beyond that, it usually just becomes a memory.

It started out with me about to go to a construction site out on Long Island (I was in New York City at the time) some time during the evening. I was met by the man who plays the Reaper on the funny new TV show I watch “Reaper”. He told me I had to use a bike and I can’t use the Grand Central Pkwy, which is the road I usually chose when traveling between places. Well It was starting to get a little stormy so I knew I had to get there quickly. I got on the bike and started making my way through a direction I didn’t like. I’m not sure it was through the Long Island Expressway or not since the views I saw were not always continuous. It was get rainy and windy. I went over a bridge, but since that was high, and I was afraid of heights, that was a huge challenge. I had to go down these steep stairs. While on a bike on slippery stone steps, that was scary and I did fall off at the bottom. I got back on and continued to drive through traffic in increasingly stormy weather. Read more