My Furbaby!

Sparky is not doing too well these days. I feel awful for what she’s had to endure. Not that she’s being tortured, but getting old and having to go through so many changes is such a hard thing to do. She’s a real trooper though.

She recently has been to the vet who found that she has arthritis in both her back hips, she’s losing her hearing (quickly it seems), and she’s starting to lose her eyesight. She’s also got asthmatic bronchitis, OCD (osteochondritis) in her shoulder, and more arthritis in her elbow. Meanwhile, she’s got babies to share her attention with. We are moving…yet again. Her world around her is just so uncertain these days. She seems to put up with everything so well, but yet, she’s getting old and things are going to get harder and harder for her to deal with. I’m just hoping the new house has a yard she can get some energy out in. She doesnt’ have much time left in her before she won’t be able to take advantage of the freedom of a fenced in back yard. We don’t have one in this house adn she really needs one. She may not be able to run like she wants to, but she’ll have the freedom to do whatever she’s capable of then. Skye can also get some bottled up energy out. She needs to so badly! She’s young enough where she’s got a few years left of that energy to burn off. Read more


Where does the time go?!

It’s amazing to me how fast these boys grow. I miss them so much every day, but I look forward to who they become the next. They are almost a year now and I see them becoming little men day by day. Cameron is getting more and more of his little boy features, while Kiefer is striving to walk on his own two feet. They push themselves to be little boys, while I wish they could be my little babies always. I suppose they always will be, but not this way. I do look forward to seeing what they are like as they grow up, start talking, expressing what they want and don’t want. They will become more and more different as they experience new things. Some of those things will be wonderful things, while others…not so wonderful. Some scrapes and bruises, and some achievements and goal setting. It’s all going to be such an incredible journey for all of us.

I may appear all mushy and poetic right now, but I see these boys, look in to their eyes, and I just feel things I never felt before. Every night, I hold the pillow that I use to sleep with closer and closer as I think of my boys. That pillow becomes tortured with my hugs since I need to get those tight hugs out by the end of the night. I can’t hug them that way or they’d be suffocated and squished like bugs! I watch them play with each other and I melt in to goo!!! I’m just so in love with my babies!! I hate to admit this, as I hate admitting it every time I do admit it, but I do kind of look forward to when they occasionally wake up needing some extra cuddles at night. It gives me just one more chance to hold them and kiss them. Kiefer is sooo cuddly when he’s tired and he really loves to give hugs. Cameron loves getting hugged and he really seems to appreciate being sung to during the little late night wake-ups. When I put him to bed, he’s usually not so in to the singing, but he likes to greet the animals in his room and being rocked to bed. Kiefer only likes to be sung to briefly and only when he wakes up in the middle of the night. Luckily for me, on the other hand, they don’t wake up very often. I do need my sleep! They usually sleep well through the night. I just love it though when I do get that last minute cuddle before I go to bed. Read more


Baby Update… They’re Coming!

Well, the time has come. They were scheduled to arrive this coming Tuesday on June 24. What a nice day to arrive! Hopefully it won’t be too hot. It’s two days before my Aunt’s birthday, it is in the middle of the year so both of them won’t have to share birthdays with major gift giving holidays like Christmas, it’ll be warm out so they can have outside parties sometimes and most things are open at this time, and school is usually out at this time so they can celebrate the end of school with their birthdays. I am really looking forward to meeting them and welcoming them home. Read more


My Latest Appointment

Oh my GOD! These babies are growing and growing and growing. I had my baby shower (I think I posted about that before…), and everyone was telling me that a baby’s growth will slow down around this time. Now, I felt that these babies had not slowed down, but I was thinking that maybe they were right. NOT!!! I was right. They grew over 2 lbs each since the last ultrasound! Last time Cameron was 3 lbs 3 oz, this time he’s 5 lbs 12 oz! HOLY CRAP! He’s getting so big! Kiefer was 3 lbs even last time, Now he’s 5 lbs 6 oz. HOLY CANNOLI! He’s a big fella!

I can’t believe they are not ready to come out at this point. Next week, I have another doctor’s appointment and an NST with an API. The NST is to listen in and make sure they are not stressing out and are doing ok. The API is a visualization to do a brief growth estimate to determine when they may have to come out. I’m seeing my doctor regardless since I had made that appointment before knowing about the NST/API requirements. I’m going to be doing the NSTs and APIs every week until I pop. I also have a follow-up ultrasound in three weeks. I’ll be really surprised if I last that long to me honest with you. Read more


Concerns and Thoughts

Well, I don’t know if I should call it concerns, but these thoughts are on my mind and some of them have made me feel nervous, so concern is the best I can come up with.

I’m at 32 weeks and 3 days. My doctor said to not be surprised if these boys want to come out at around 34 weeks. That’s at least a week and a half away!  Can you believe that? It feels so soon! I mean, I have been waiting a long time for these boys to finish baking and even more so to get pregnant at all! I know I deserve this chance to be a mom, but my life is going to change so fast so much so soon! It honestly scares me. I’m not sitting in some remote corner of my house, rocking back and forth mumbling incomplete thoughts repeatedly over it or anything, but the idea that within one month, my entire life and focus will be changed.

Of course, worries of will I be a good mom, will Jason enjoy his new role as a dad, will my dogs be good girls and welcome these boys into their lives with little to no complications, will these boys be healthy… I could go on. These worries are neverending. Normal worries, I’m sure, but neverending. I guess I have to get used to that too…list of the neverevending worries. It’s part of being a mom I suppose. Read more


This Morning’s Dreams

Ok. I had three odd dreams. Two of which seemed insignificant, but now that I think about it, one might have had to do with the other. One had somethign to do with my dogs, but I forgot the dream when I woke up. Second one and third ones now appear to have something in common. So let me do a little rundown of the dreams

The second dream took place in a high tech research lab. The characters were a woman actress that I have recently seen in some techie show on TV, but i do not remember her name. The other character was Micheal J. Fox. I have no idea why it was him, but my guess was his movie personality fit the character my mind was conjuring up. They were working together on building something, when the woman tech asked Micheal J Fox to fix her high tech watch. He took the watch to his table and my view of the dream went to a close up of the watch face and Micheal working on the watch. That was it. Seemed pretty insignificant, but I still remembered the dream. I decided to ignore it when I woke up since it made no sense to me and I figured it was just a funny dream. Read more


What’s Going On…

I know, it’s been a while. A couple of milestones have passed and I haven’t even written about them. I’ve been so MIA lately, I apologize!

Hmm, so let’s start by saying. I love the new car! We bought it about a month ago and it’s been doing so well! It’s like a ultimate geek car. it may not be suitable for George Jetson, but it’s got it’s major pluses. I love seeing how much mileage we are able to save and if we can beat it every time we drive. It is definitely a very handy took when trying to save some money and gas mileage with the prices going up lately. I know, it’s an SUV so the gas savings aren’t as good as let’s say a Camry hybrid or Prius, but it’s the best out there for an SUV and it’s practical for us because of the upcoming family needs and the two dogs. We needed the space AND the gas savings. We are definitely not disappointed with our choice.

April 20th was a new milestone for me. Know what it was? The first day of my third trimester!!! That’s right!! I finally made it! I can’t believe it. Now it’s time for back aches, hip softening, and leg cramps. OY! I’ve gotten mine with a vengeance. Can you believe it? The boys switched positions. Kiefer is usually on teh right side, but has switched to the left side and Cameron is now on the right side. Both are still head down though, which is good! The not so good part is somehow, their new position has caused my pelvic bone to twist causing incredible pains in my left leg. For a while it was only the sciatica in my right foot. Now that’s nothing compared to the pain in my left thigh! Read more


I’ve been getting beaten up!

What is it about mommy abuse that makes pregnancy such a comfort? I love feeling these kicks. It just reminds me how well they both are doing. That’s right! Both Kiefer and Cameron have been kicking me. Kiefer is still not very strong. I feel him best when I’m lying down and my abs are not holding up so much baby weight. Cameron I’m a little worried about though. He usually is break dancing on the floor of my uterus. But, lately, I haven’t been feeling him there. He’s not even kicking my bladder! But I still feel hints that he’s in there moving around so not all is lost. I haven’t had many boot to the pelvic area and footsie to my cervix like he often does. OOOO that feels weird when he does that! Annoying to be honest with you, but still manages to keep me comforted and thinking about how cute he is! Read more


I felt Something!!

That’s right! I felt movement! Here’s how it started…

Last night, just before I went to sleep, I felt a fluttering in the area where Baby B has settled. It felt like somethign was moving really quickly inside of me just in that area.  WHOA! Baby B! I never felt anything like that! I felt him move!!!! I announced it to Jason and was able to go to sleep feeling so happy. It’s all I wanted! I wanted to feel my babies move! I’m glad I felt one of them. I don’t suspect to feel much from Baby A for a little longer.

Well, I didn’t have to wait long! The next morning, after I had gotten up to pee several times already that morning, I had to pee again. I got up as I did before, but this time I felt the same fluttering where Baby A had settled. Oh My Goodness! Movements from Baby A! I had had Baby A using my bladder as a trampoline before, but I didn’t actually ‘feel’ movement! Now I felt complete. I know they both are movers and it’s such a comforting feeling feeling them move. Read more


An Old Childhood Memory

I remember when I was still in grade school, not sure if it was lower or middle school, however…probably early middle. I remember it was lunchtime and I was walking back from getting lunch when I saw this woman holding what appeared to be a doll wrapped in some blankets. It was really small, so I couldn’t believe it was anything else. I was super shy at the time, but I just had to know why this adult was holding a doll like that with no other purpose but to hold it. I decided to approach her and asked nicely, “Can I see it?” She looked at me surprised, but I could see how proud she was to have such a young spectator of her prize in a blanket. She replied, “of course!” and leaned over exposing this little wrapped package. There it was, a new, tiny, pink little baby. It was so small. Barely made any noise, but turned red and squirmed a little bit. Some little baby grunts came out of it’s mouth, but I was just so shocked to see such a tiny baby. Little did the woman know that I had originally thought she was a fraud carrying around this little plastic doll as if it were real only to find out it was her newborn she had taken out for a little fresh air. Read more