This Morning’s Dreams

Ok. I had three odd dreams. Two of which seemed insignificant, but now that I think about it, one might have had to do with the other. One had somethign to do with my dogs, but I forgot the dream when I woke up. Second one and third ones now appear to have something in common. So let me do a little rundown of the dreams

The second dream took place in a high tech research lab. The characters were a woman actress that I have recently seen in some techie show on TV, but i do not remember her name. The other character was Micheal J. Fox. I have no idea why it was him, but my guess was his movie personality fit the character my mind was conjuring up. They were working together on building something, when the woman tech asked Micheal J Fox to fix her high tech watch. He took the watch to his table and my view of the dream went to a close up of the watch face and Micheal working on the watch. That was it. Seemed pretty insignificant, but I still remembered the dream. I decided to ignore it when I woke up since it made no sense to me and I figured it was just a funny dream. Read more


Leaving on a jet plane

We are going on vacation. Well, that’s all great, but there are concerns. My mother has brought them up and they are valid concerns. Though I know some of her concerns are more, why can’t I visit her? I would, but my hubby really needs to see his grandma. She’s starting to show her age and we’d like to be able to see her before he mind does keep her from remembering anything.

I understand my mother wanting to see me at her place. I honestly do, but I have seen her more often than my father and I’d like to see him. He too has not been doing well and I haven’t been able to see him since he has been in and out of the hospital. I hope my mother can learn to understand my need for this. I didn’t want her to feel bad that I want to see my dad this badly that I’m willing to fly while pregnant. I’m so tired of not seeing him and this is my chance. Sure, he’ll be coming down when these babies are born most likely in June, but we may not be seeing Jason’s family for much much longer. Read more