Last night, Jason and I were driving out to eat as we sometimes do when we get too lazy to make something at home. We were just passing our local grocery store when I saw a family of deer on the grassy area near by the food store. I saw a silhouette of the largest of the four dear standing looking at me cautiously as I drove closer to it. My guess is he wasn’t sure if he could cross, but I slowed down since you just never know what deer are thinking. I slowed down enough to stop immediately if I had to, but off in the distance and around the corner, I saw the lights of another car coming towards me at a fast pace. All I could think of was, “Oh No!” In fact, I think I said it out loud. My hubby sitting next to me didn’t realize what I saw nor said, but looked ahead just as the car was speeding around the corner. I knew it was going to happen. The big dear decided to cross. I don’t know if it saw the other car, or it just didn’t realize it was that close nor that fast. I couldn’t believe my eyes! The car smacked the side of the deer, spinning the deer around in a circle flipping him off to the side and in front of me. I stopped as I watched the poor thing stumble his way to the side of the road. Hy hubby and I were in total shock as the car that hit him drove off slowly and the deer was struggling to get up. Luckily, the deer did eventually get up and although a bit weak, he did manage to get up on all fours and continue into the forest after the rest of his family made it’s way across the street into the forest. Jason got out of the car to watch and see if the other car was going to turn around. Sure enough, he did and can back behind us. Apparently, he was more worried if the deer hit us too since we were not moving much at all. He only noticed some fur on his car, but didn’t seem all that concerned about the deer. Read more