IVF Update

I think the saying is Loopy on Lupron! I actually haven’t been feeling badly at all, but my moods do go nutso every now and then. I feel irritable one minute then happy as a clam the next. Poor Husband. He must be wondering why I get so crazy. Of course, Mother’s day was not easy to get through, so I had another excuse for my moodiness.

Mother’s day is hard only because I’d have a baby by now had I not miscarried so many times. It’s also hard because my MIL had passed away, and I think she’d have enjoyed being a part of my husband’s journey to having a family with me.

Back to my meds. I’m a pin cushion and the pricking isn’t going to stop yet. I’m now on Lupron and on Follistim. The Lupron, I think, just kind of prepares you for the Follistim. The follistim is what tells your ovaries to make multiple, mature follicles (follicles grow an egg inside each one). One thing that does happen with the Follistim, is your ovaries bloat a bit because of the multiple eggs being produced in there. A side effect from that is bloat and soreness. So far, I’m lucky enough to just feel sore with a little bloat. Some people have pain and weight gain. I’ve only been on Follistim since Saturday, so it’s still early in the treatment and I could end up one of the people in pain. The nurse practitioner told me to drink tons of water. Oh great, I’ll be spending most of my time in the bathroom peeing away instead of learning. Oh well, I can read and that’s what the teacher does… read from the book. I have a final on Wednesday so I hope I’m able to study ok. Read more