I’ve been getting beaten up!

What is it about mommy abuse that makes pregnancy such a comfort? I love feeling these kicks. It just reminds me how well they both are doing. That’s right! Both Kiefer and Cameron have been kicking me. Kiefer is still not very strong. I feel him best when I’m lying down and my abs are not holding up so much baby weight. Cameron I’m a little worried about though. He usually is break dancing on the floor of my uterus. But, lately, I haven’t been feeling him there. He’s not even kicking my bladder! But I still feel hints that he’s in there moving around so not all is lost. I haven’t had many boot to the pelvic area and footsie to my cervix like he often does. OOOO that feels weird when he does that! Annoying to be honest with you, but still manages to keep me comforted and thinking about how cute he is! Read more