My Furbaby!

Sparky is not doing too well these days. I feel awful for what she’s had to endure. Not that she’s being tortured, but getting old and having to go through so many changes is such a hard thing to do. She’s a real trooper though.

She recently has been to the vet who found that she has arthritis in both her back hips, she’s losing her hearing (quickly it seems), and she’s starting to lose her eyesight. She’s also got asthmatic bronchitis, OCD (osteochondritis) in her shoulder, and more arthritis in her elbow. Meanwhile, she’s got babies to share her attention with. We are moving…yet again. Her world around her is just so uncertain these days. She seems to put up with everything so well, but yet, she’s getting old and things are going to get harder and harder for her to deal with. I’m just hoping the new house has a yard she can get some energy out in. She doesnt’ have much time left in her before she won’t be able to take advantage of the freedom of a fenced in back yard. We don’t have one in this house adn she really needs one. She may not be able to run like she wants to, but she’ll have the freedom to do whatever she’s capable of then. Skye can also get some bottled up energy out. She needs to so badly! She’s young enough where she’s got a few years left of that energy to burn off. Read more