It’s been too long…

Talk about a HUGE break! Sorry about that. BIG breaks are BIG as implied. It’s been too long. My husband wanted to delete this blog site, but I just couldn’t do it!

So, here goes. My boys are 3-1/2. They’ll be 4 in June. Gosh…the time flew! I mean REALLY flew! I’ve been using the alias TheyGrowLikeWeeds for a reason! Though, I wouldn’t use a weed killer on these weeds. They are too cute! …and way too useful as they grow up. This house could use a couple of extra hands for chores. Ok, seriously though, these boys are incredible! They were in preschool since they were 2 years old. That went well. No really, it did! Until they started to hate each other and Kiefer wanted to rip Cameron’s head off! Poor Cameron loves his brother, but his wanting everything Kiefer was getting on Kiefer’s nerves. I think I would feel the same way. They’d fight over everything in class from toys, space, and chores, to friends. Yes, they’ve fought over friends. Poor Bobby (name changed for privacy) just wanted to be friends with both boys, but they wanted him all to themselves. Read more


Our NY Vacation (long post)

We had a good time during our vacation. It started last Thursday and we returned Monday. This is the rundown of our adventures in NY

Let’s start with the car ride to the airport. We had to drop off the dogs first. We were really pushing the time, but it had to be done. On my way there, I tried to park the car but my seat belt locked! I couldn’t see where the lines were so like an idiot, I played tug-o-war with the seat belt and won! Unfortunately, the prize I got was a big toss into the steering wheel. The wheel hit me in Kiefer territory. I had been feeling him move only recently before that. I was a jiffy pop pan the night before between the two of them so I was starting to feel secure that Kiefer is doing well. That changed! Though the steering wheel incident wasn’t too strong, I felt sore there and nothing from Kiefer. I did eventually feel Cameron kick a bit so I was at least happy to feel that he’s ok, but what about Kiefer! I couldn’t stand the idea that I may have hurt him in any way! We decided to go to the airport since nothing seemed to have happened during that accident. I decided to at least get a wheel chair because I didn’t want to overwhelm my body after what happened. On the plane ride, however, I started to feel contractions. Not very strong, but contractions nonetheless about 5 or so minutes apart! OH NO! Please Kiefer! Be ok! Cameron was still kicking though. I had tried to use the bathroom, I wasn’t bleeding at least. I was so happy I got a wheel chair at JFK airport. The ride to the baggage claim was a long, long ride. I was not contracting much by that time at least. We were greeted by hubby’s aunt at the baggage claim. We didn’t have any bags to claim since we packed light, but it was easiest to meet her there. Well all just went home and took it easy for the rest of the day. I needed to rest and try to relax from that morning’s ordeal. I still felt nothing from Kiefer. I’m still worried! Read more