What’s Going On…

I know, it’s been a while. A couple of milestones have passed and I haven’t even written about them. I’ve been so MIA lately, I apologize!

Hmm, so let’s start by saying. I love the new car! We bought it about a month ago and it’s been doing so well! It’s like a ultimate geek car. it may not be suitable for George Jetson, but it’s got it’s major pluses. I love seeing how much mileage we are able to save and if we can beat it every time we drive. It is definitely a very handy took when trying to save some money and gas mileage with the prices going up lately. I know, it’s an SUV so the gas savings aren’t as good as let’s say a Camry hybrid or Prius, but it’s the best out there for an SUV and it’s practical for us because of the upcoming family needs and the two dogs. We needed the space AND the gas savings. We are definitely not disappointed with our choice.

April 20th was a new milestone for me. Know what it was? The first day of my third trimester!!! That’s right!! I finally made it! I can’t believe it. Now it’s time for back aches, hip softening, and leg cramps. OY! I’ve gotten mine with a vengeance. Can you believe it? The boys switched positions. Kiefer is usually on teh right side, but has switched to the left side and Cameron is now on the right side. Both are still head down though, which is good! The not so good part is somehow, their new position has caused my pelvic bone to twist causing incredible pains in my left leg. For a while it was only the sciatica in my right foot. Now that’s nothing compared to the pain in my left thigh! Read more