What’s Going On…

Well, you’d think our vacation was enough excitement for us. Apparently not!

My hubby needed to see his doctor for an ear humming that has been bugging him for a few weeks now. So, I went with him on Tuesday morning and sat in the waiting room while he saw his doctor. I picked up a reader’s digest and proceeded to read about the FDA. I got a little tired of holding up the small magazine and rested it on my belly for support. Apparently, Kiefer was not too pleased about his new role as a table top and punched the magazine so hard it nearly flew out of my hands. Of course, no one saw what happened, but I don’t help but laugh. I laughed quietly. I think if anyone saw me laugh, however, they’d assume I found something funny in the book I was reading. I just placed my hand on Kiefer and told him I’m sorry and I wouldn’t do that again. I did do as I said and held the magazine up and didn’t rest it on my belly after that. My hubby came back out with a new prescription looking a little unsure of what is happening, or maybe just tired still from the trip back from NY. I couldn’t tell. I told him what happened. He seemed to get a kick out of it (pun pathetically intended). Read more