Change in Work Location

Well, the time has come. This is my last week at the OB/GYN office. I shall be departing from where I currently work and transferring to a different office and field of medicine. I wanted to stay in the OB/GYN field but the next best place to work was an Internal Medicine place near by. Not that I have a problem with that. At first, I was worried, because people go to their primary care physicians because they feel sick. I have MS which makes me worried, but on the other hand, a lot of patients go to the doctor and aren’t contagious. They have a UTI, or a headache, or they cut themselves. It’s not necessarily because they have some contagious disease that is going to make me sick. Any office or place that I work in has people in it that can get me sick. Places I would have to worry about it more are hospitals and infectious disease medicine. It isn’t very common to come across someone with something that bad in any doctor’s office. Most people would go to the hospital if they felt that badly. I also won’t be in constant contact with anyone for too long…to the point I will most definitely catch what they have. Read more


My Job Interview (continued from the job search post)

Friday has arrived. It’s time for my interview. I started to get my things together, but I was unable to fit my school portfolio in the portable file portfolio that I had. I made a mad dash to the near by office supply store to find a portable portfolio large enough to carry everything, but compact enough that it didn’t look like I was packing my entire room to move there. I had to cancel my acupuncture appointment, but it was well worth it! I get into my interview clothes and head off to meet Sandy.

I got there probably about 12:35 which is early but not too early. I notified the woman at the front desk about my presence and sat down on one of the recliners. I didn’t recline…I wanted to, but I had to look professional even while I waited. I took noticed of the waiting room. It was kind of small and very purple (royal purple with a diamond pattern), but the people waiting looked very comfortable. I was a little concerned that more than half the people waiting were looking like they were sleeping. That implied they were all waiting for a long time to be called on. Not that it was a big deal, but it just confirmed how busy they really were. I waited for about 30 – 35 minutes before Sandy called me in. She didn’t extend her hand to get a hand shake, so I didn’t bother trying. She seemed to just want to get me in to the back room. Beyond the waiting room, the office turned to a loud orange color with the same diamond pattern on it. She took me into the back room which appeared to be old and traditional looking. Sandy explained this was the doctor’s office (I’ll call him Dr. Smith). She also explained the this was the original doctor’s office who told his wife to decorate the entire place of business except his office. That is why it looked so old. I did notice there were a lot of disorganized papers thrown about in the office. That only made Dr. Smith look more human to me. So far I am feeling very comfortable here. Read more