I felt Something!!

That’s right! I felt movement! Here’s how it started…

Last night, just before I went to sleep, I felt a fluttering in the area where Baby B has settled. It felt like somethign was moving really quickly inside of me just in that area.  WHOA! Baby B! I never felt anything like that! I felt him move!!!! I announced it to Jason and was able to go to sleep feeling so happy. It’s all I wanted! I wanted to feel my babies move! I’m glad I felt one of them. I don’t suspect to feel much from Baby A for a little longer.

Well, I didn’t have to wait long! The next morning, after I had gotten up to pee several times already that morning, I had to pee again. I got up as I did before, but this time I felt the same fluttering where Baby A had settled. Oh My Goodness! Movements from Baby A! I had had Baby A using my bladder as a trampoline before, but I didn’t actually ‘feel’ movement! Now I felt complete. I know they both are movers and it’s such a comforting feeling feeling them move. Read more