It’s been too long…

Talk about a HUGE break! Sorry about that. BIG breaks are BIG as implied. It’s been too long. My husband wanted to delete this blog site, but I just couldn’t do it!

So, here goes. My boys are 3-1/2. They’ll be 4 in June. Gosh…the time flew! I mean REALLY flew! I’ve been using the alias TheyGrowLikeWeeds for a reason! Though, I wouldn’t use a weed killer on these weeds. They are too cute! …and way too useful as they grow up. This house could use a couple of extra hands for chores. Ok, seriously though, these boys are incredible! They were in preschool since they were 2 years old. That went well. No really, it did! Until they started to hate each other and Kiefer wanted to rip Cameron’s head off! Poor Cameron loves his brother, but his wanting everything Kiefer was getting on Kiefer’s nerves. I think I would feel the same way. They’d fight over everything in class from toys, space, and chores, to friends. Yes, they’ve fought over friends. Poor Bobby (name changed for privacy) just wanted to be friends with both boys, but they wanted him all to themselves. Read more