Trip to Florida

This past weekend was the second time my boys have been to visit their grandma. This would be the first time they have been on a place and really be able to experience all it’s wonders. The first time, they were a little too young to truly remember the experience, but even then, they did seem to enjoy the adventure.


The car ride to the airport was a pleasant one with the boys filled with wonder about the upcoming events. The airport was not too bad. Getting through the ticket booth area was good. They had plenty of questions for the person behind the desk. Once we got to the security, the boys started to get a little restless. Can you blame them? No one likes to wait on a line. Finally after about 10 minutes or so, it was our turn. We rounded up the wild kids and they sent us through the regular machine. Good choice. What 4 year old is going to stand still in a big machine with their hands up to be scanned?  They don’t mind the regular machine. Just walk through and all’s done. We got our shoes on and continued to the terminal. Getting to the terminal was more of a pain. The boys just wanted to look everywhere! We went to our regular place to eat food. The boys whined about eating there, but there wasn’t any other place they could eat. They mostly ate their food.  Read more