It’s been too long…

Talk about a HUGE break! Sorry about that. BIG breaks are BIG as implied. It’s been too long. My husband wanted to delete this blog site, but I just couldn’t do it!

So, here goes. My boys are 3-1/2. They’ll be 4 in June. Gosh…the time flew! I mean REALLY flew! I’ve been using the alias TheyGrowLikeWeeds for a reason! Though, I wouldn’t use a weed killer on these weeds. They are too cute! …and way too useful as they grow up. This house could use a couple of extra hands for chores. Ok, seriously though, these boys are incredible! They were in preschool since they were 2 years old. That went well. No really, it did! Until they started to hate each other and Kiefer wanted to rip Cameron’s head off! Poor Cameron loves his brother, but his wanting everything Kiefer was getting on Kiefer’s nerves. I think I would feel the same way. They’d fight over everything in class from toys, space, and chores, to friends. Yes, they’ve fought over friends. Poor Bobby (name changed for privacy) just wanted to be friends with both boys, but they wanted him all to themselves. Read more


WOW Have they grown!

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

I cannot believe it! It’s been too long since I’ve posted here! 18 months was the last one? Holy heck, where have I been? Oh yeah, in toddlerville.

It’s been too long. Sorry about that! They are now 2-1/2 years old and in preschool, can you believe that? They are loving it!! So am I! Time off is like heaven to me. Don’t get me wrong, they are the coolest couple of kids you’d ever meet, but time off is precious around here. They are all over the place. Talking up a storm and learning so much. They can count…mostly. Cameron is very good at it and enjoys counting. He knows the entire alphabet. He’s starting to recognize letters and he recognizes most numbers that he sees. He sings songs that he’s heard maybe once or twice in his lifetime. He seems to read books occasionally, but I am a bit in disbelief on that one. It just seems like it cause he’ll pick up a book he hadn’t seem in months and tell me the title. I can understand about 90% of what he says. He’s putting so many words together in coherent sentences, I’m totally flabbergasted every time he speaks up. Kiefer is getting much better. I understand about 65% of what he says. Maybe a little more on good days. He sings…or at least tries to sing. He has a hard time sticking with the tune, but you can tell what he’s trying to sing at least. He’s gotten very clingy to me, which I’m not at all upset about. Cameron wants nothing to do with me most of the time. At night, both boys want their daddy to put them to bed. I’m still waiting for them to ask for me. It’s an extreme rarity. I think both have asked once in their lifetime for me to put them to bed. It breaks my heart, but I know I’ll get my time some day. Read more


My Dentist Appointment

Nothing really exciting going on. My teeth are doing really well. I was there briefly last week before I got sent home for a bad tummy ache, but the hygienist was able to check my gums. She thought I had a little pregnancy gingivitis going on and marked it down. I did make sure I focused on those areas before coming back this week for the hygienist to finish up. She couldn’t find a thing wrong with my teeth! YAY!!! So that’s doing well.

It was kind of funny though. I go there and a woman had just signed in for a dentist appointment and she had twin girls a couple of years ago. The receptionist there just told her I was having twin boys (they love to talk at that place). She went on about a twin mom’s group in the area that I could join that she was a part of. Unfortunately, it’s a little far for me and I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to fit behind the wheel of my car anyhow. Read more


My Weird Dream

The other morning, I woke up to a very strange dream. It was one of those analyze me dreams that stick around until I figure it out. Beyond that, it usually just becomes a memory.

It started out with me about to go to a construction site out on Long Island (I was in New York City at the time) some time during the evening. I was met by the man who plays the Reaper on the funny new TV show I watch “Reaper”. He told me I had to use a bike and I can’t use the Grand Central Pkwy, which is the road I usually chose when traveling between places. Well It was starting to get a little stormy so I knew I had to get there quickly. I got on the bike and started making my way through a direction I didn’t like. I’m not sure it was through the Long Island Expressway or not since the views I saw were not always continuous. It was get rainy and windy. I went over a bridge, but since that was high, and I was afraid of heights, that was a huge challenge. I had to go down these steep stairs. While on a bike on slippery stone steps, that was scary and I did fall off at the bottom. I got back on and continued to drive through traffic in increasingly stormy weather. Read more


What has 4 arms, 4 legs, and dances the mambo?

Two 11 1/2 week old babies! It was awesome! Thursday, I went in to meat my OB doctor for the first time. Of course, I had to leave a urine sample as I will have to do every time I go there from now on, but I couldn’t. I actually had to do #2 and that wasn’t easy! Damn constipation!! Well, I managed to do everything after much …um …”personal insistence” on getting that job completed. Each time I had to use the bathroom, the doctor would come in and want to start the appointment. It was so irritating! She wanted to do the ultrasound almost immediately too which is what I wanted to see SO badly!

Well, finally I settled down and she asked me to lay down on the table and loosen my pants. I never had an external ultrasound before so this was a whole new experience for me. She asked me about my MS and how they found out. I decided to tell her from when I first started having my experiences from 2000 up to 2003. Read more


My Ultrasound Results

Can you believe it!? Not only am I pregnant still, but I have twins! OOO this is so exciting! Well, I must admit I’m nervous and there’s a lot to be concerned about. I never thought I’d like the idea of having twins, but I do. I still do!

I am at about 7 wks 5 days at this point. Baby A is measuring at 7 weeks 5 days with a heart rate of 156. Baby B is measuring at 7 weeks 4 days with a heart rate of 150. This is the furthest I’ve ever been! Not to mention the first time I’ve ever had a pregnancy show the fetus at the same age as my actual pregnancy date. So far I’m due July 20. I am also dropped from the office I was at. I was a little disappointed about that. I really liked it there, but they are not an OB/GYN office. They are a reproductive endocrinology office and do not monitor pregnancies….just make them happen! Read more


My Upcoming Ultrasound Jitters

I’m so nervous. With my history of late ultrasound giving me bad news, I can’t help but worry about what I’m going to find this time on my Friday the 7th appointment.

I can’t believe it’s coming up! I’m really looking forward to it. The days do seem to go by really slow which is driving me crazy! You’d think work and daily naps would help the days go by faster, but it’s not making any difference.

Even thought I am worried about what I’m going to see in the ultrasound, I’m excited about it too. Lots of questions will be answered like; Are any of the transfered embryos viable? Do I have twins or am I having one baby? If I am having twins still, how healthy are they? Are the heartbeats going strong? Are they kicking? I also want to know if I’m considered high risk or can I assume this pregnancy is so far good as any healthy pregnancy? Do I have limitations if I’m having twins? How soon could I expect to be noticing a difference in my appearance…assuming I don’t gain the weight other than baby weight? How much weight should I expect to gain keeping my weight in mind when talking about this? When do I find my own OB/GYN? OOO the questions I have. I’m going to drive someone there bonkers with all the questions streaming through my head. Read more